Home accessories company Land of Belle just launched a treasure-rich wedding gift list program.

By Sarah Schreiber
June 29, 2018
Land of Belle Registry
Credit: Courtesy of Land of Belle

Are you and your partner on the fence about creating a registry because your tastes don't jive with common wedding gift lists? That doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea of registering entirely. Now there's an online registry retailer that's here to help you curate a list made up entirely of elevated, globally-sourced homewares: Land of Belle. Today marks the home accessories company's official registry launch, which means the prettiest pieces, sourced from all around the globe, are now in reach ahead of your big day. As for the label's aesthetic? Think old-world influence meets your contemporary lifestyle. Here, founder and CEO Annabelle Moehlmann tells us everything you need to know about her site's treasure-filled offerings.

Land of Belle was born out of Moehlmann's own registry experience.

"When we went to create our registry we realized that there wasn't a place to register for the things we truly wanted to fill our home with (read: the things that will be carried on landofbelle.com)," she explains. "We wanted to register beautiful glass tumblers from Murano, ceramic sea urchins we found in Capri, and hand-painted plates from Milan and realized it was impossible to do so." Until now!

This is anything but your mother's wedding registry.

"We tend to select pieces that while refined, chic, and old-world, feel relevant to contemporary everyday living (no soup tureens and gold-rimmed crystal here)," says Moehlmann. Brides can expect to find a refined selection of classic registry items, like drinkware, dinnerware, table linens, and flatware, along with home décor items such as blankets, rugs, pillows, vases, and purely decorative objects-but none of these pieces resemble the wedding gifts of the past.

Land of Belle Registry
Credit: Courtesy of Land of Belle

These worldly wares hail from the most luxurious places.

"We carry brands from Italy, France, Greece, the United States, and feature artisans from India, Turkey, Morocco, and Vietnam," explains Moehlmann, iterating that globetrotting has impacted her curatorial process. "Many of the small brands and artisans we work with have been discovered during my travels. Travel and discovery are at the heart of the company's identity and the fact that our items are globally sourced is an extension of that."

These items may be unique, but they're widely available (which is a good thing!).

Worried that these exclusive, high-end pieces won't be available through your bridal shower? Don't be. "We look for brands that create beautiful and high-quality home accessories that are largely available online," Moehlmann continues.

This registry will largely resonate with adventurous couples who love design.

Avid travelers, this one's for you. "Lane of Belle is for couples who love design and travel and who want to create a home that reflects those passions and looks thoughtfully-collected, as opposed to generic," says Moehlmann. It's just as much a place for those who admire exquisite aesthetics and want to elevate everyday life. "A Land of Belle registry is perfect for those who love beautiful things and want to incorporate them into their daily way of life. It's all about livable glamour."

Land of Belle Registry
Credit: Courtesy of Land of Belle

But the selections are designed appeal to couples with most styles.

Especially since the items Moehlmann has sourced are meant to mixed-and-matched and integrated into your unique home. "I think that people with all different aesthetic points-of-view will be able to shop at Land of Belle, and put the product together in a way that feels authentic to their personal sense of style," she says.

Through her registry collection, Moehlmann hopes to introduce a new breed of contemporary design to her couples-one that pays homage to the past and the present, simultaneously. "I think that there tends to be this divide in the world of design between the maximalist style of a bygone area and this pared-down, monochromatic, contemporary sameness. I think the most beautiful homes lie somewhere in the middle and feel authentic to their owners."

Not sure if an item fits your décor aesthetic? Check out their consulting service.

It's available to every bride- and groom-to-be that sets up an account. "We're offering consulting services to everyone who registers with us, so we can ensure that couples put together a cohesive, gorgeous registry that will fit their lifestyle and stand the test of time," says Moehlmann.


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