It's time for a well-deserved break.
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Every couple has been there: When you're so busy planning the wedding, quality time with your significant other falls by the wayside. With so many moving parts, decisions to make, and appointments to schedule, it's easy to how wedding planning can turn your usual date nights into evenings spent trying to check-off as many to-dos as possible. If this is the case for you and your fiancé, it's time to a take a break from planning and spend some quality time together. Here, four fun ideas to help you reconnect and focus on your relationship.

Go to the spa.

What better way to relax than indulging in a spa treatment? A couple's massage is nice, but it's not your only option. Check out the offerings for pairs at your local spa and find one that sounds appealing. It doesn't really matter what you do. Getting away from the screens, apps, lists associated with your wedding will help you relax and rekindle your romance.

Take a day trip somewhere you've always wanted to go.

Being a tourist in your own hometown can be just as exciting as a weekend away. Take a day to do or see something you've always wanted to, whether it's a museum exhibit, nearby vineyard, or some other local attraction. No matter what you do, just make it a priority to spend time together and explore someplace new as a team.

Get outdoors.

Camping, hiking, or skiing are all great ways to enjoy nature, but you could even do something as simple as going for a run or enjoying a bike ride around your neighborhood. As long as you're doing it together-and talking about things other than the wedding-you've got the right idea.

Take a class together.

Always wanted to take a cooking class? Now is the perfect time to do so. Planning a honeymoon in Italy? You two may want to brush up your language skills with an Italian course at your local community college. And if you can't let go of wedding planning completely just yet, try a dance class in preparation for the wedding. Trust us, you'll have a blast.


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