38 Cute and Creative Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be Bridesmaids

kourtney justin wedding mexico bridesmaids swimsuits
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Now it's your turn to propose.

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kourtney justin wedding mexico bridesmaids swimsuits
The Grovers

You've said "yes," and you're headed down the aisle. Now, it's your turn to "pop" the question—that is, to your bridesmaids! Your best friends have been there through thick and thin, so it's only natural you'd want them standing by you on your big day. Asking your friends to be bridesmaids (or

maid of honor

) is a big deal. These are the women who will be helping you plan, celebrate, and say "I do"—not to mention keeping you sane (and eliminating unnecessary stress) in the process. The bridal party members are basically the VIPs of the wedding, and they should be treated as such—starting with when you ask them to take on the role. How should you pop the question to your future 'maids? We think the way you ask someone to be part of your bridal party should be just as special as she is. Our unique ideas, including gifts, DIY projects, and playful plans, will help ensure you do just that.

If you and your girls live close to each other—and to a beach—gather them up to pop the question in person. This bride used iron-on letters to customize bathing suits for her "Bride Tribe." You could follow in her footsteps, or customize simple T-shirts, tote bags, or anything else with a relatively flat surface. Your group will wear their new titles with pride.

Rest assured, if you're not crafty at all, there are tons of other items you can buy and put together that are just as exceptional, not that your bridesmaids actually need a physical gift in order agree to be your attendants. Read on for other creative ways to ask this very important question.

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Zip It Up

be my bridesmaid leather pouch with gold script
Courtesy of Leatherology

Snag one of these leather pouches with "bridesmaid" printed in gold and fill it with trinkets that nod to your friendship or a pretty nail polish she can wear on the big day. She'll be excited to show off her new title.

Bridesmaid Medium Pouch, from $65,



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Pin It On

be my bridesmaid white and gold enamel pin
Courtesy of Etsy

Bridesmaids should be beyond excited to be a part of the action. This gold enamel pin will let them show off their role.

Lottie Shop "Will You Be My Bridesmaid Pin," $9,



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A Box of Goodies

be my bridesmaid box with chocolates and bath kit
Courtesy of Present Day

This box is filled to the brim with essentials to pamper your girls—decadent chocolate, hand balm, tea, honey, and bath salts. But add some sentiment, too. A beautiful card with your heartfelt thoughts will do the trick. With contents like this, your bridesmaids will be feeling their best on your big day.

Tea & Spa Bridesmaid Gift Box, $61,



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A Dinner Date

be my bridesmaid dinner party girls toasting
Cameron Ingalls

What's a better occasion to throw a dinner party than asking your nearest and dearest to be your bridesmaids? Even if it's just pizza and beer, adding a little décor (in this instance colored taper candles, tissue paper spheres on the table, and crepe paper flowers on the wall) makes it feel extra special. Lovelyfest Event Design helped this bride pull it all off in style.

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Fun T-Shirts

be my bridesmaid black t-shirt with white printed sash
Courtesy of Target

Give out these T-shirts with pageant-inspired sashes printed on them. Once they accept your proposal, they'll all be winners. While your group won't take home crowns, they'll all have a top to wear to the bachelorette party.

Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Sash Graphic T-Shirt, $15,



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Best Face Forward

be my bridesmaid skin care kit
Courtesy of Herbivore

You want your girls to look amazing on your big day, so why not make your ask with a set that includes hydrating mist, facial oil, moisturizing cream, and a brightening mask? Bonus points if you add a gift certificate for a facial from a local spa.

Hydrate + Glow Natural Skincare Mini Collection, $39,



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Get Nautical

be my bridesmaid nautical illustration card
Mospens Studio

Getting married by the water? Celebrate the setting with a card illustrated with coastal motifs that asks each friend to be your bridesmaid.

Nautical Nantucket Bridal Party Card, $4,



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Snacks to Attack

be my bridesmaid movie snack package
Courtesy of Mouth

Remember when you'd have slumber parties, make popcorn, and eat candy? Give her all that she needs to relive those days, then schedule a date night to do just that.

The Bridesmaid, $63.50,



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A Box of Necessities

be my bridesmaid planning kit with pencils and candles
Courtesy of Makers + Goods

Once they accept the role, each of your bridesmaids will have her own pre-wedding checklist to tackle, complete with tasks like planning your bachelorette party and organizing the bridal shower. Give each woman what she needs to do it with ease, plus a bit of R&R: a "you are loved" customized pencil set, leather luggage tag, soy travel candle, and bath soak set.

Bridesmaid Box, $85,



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Floating on Air

be my bridesmaid girls holding pink balloons
J Wiley Photography

One thing that's up in the air when you start planning is who will stand by your side on the big day. When it's time to ask your girls, gather them up and propose in style. These balloons add festive décor to any casual get-together, but you could also use the oversize inflatables to help you "pop the question" in a literal way. Fill them up with confetti and a handwritten note with the question at hand, give each girl a pin, and stand back to watch as the fun explodes.

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Pretty Cookies

be my bridesmaid customized cookies
Courtesy of Sweet Guilt by Angelica

Here's a unique, fun, and delicious way to firm up your bridal party: Order customized cookies that ask the question for you.

Bridal Party Cookie Set, from $38, sweetguilt.com


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A Secret Message

be my bridesmaid scratch off card
Courtesy of 3 Eggs Design

Everyone loves a scratch-off card, and your friends will be especially excited to see what's underneath this one. To make things especially fun, you could even add a few real lotto tickets, too.

Be My Bridesmaid Scratch Off Card, $5,



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Be Prepared

be my bridesmaid pink pouch with accessories
Courtesy of Pinch Provisions

Set your bridesmaids up for success from the moment you pop the question. Inside this tiny pouch are 24 mini items that come the wedding day: a nail file, extra wedding bands, floss, earring backs, blotting tissues, double-sided tape, and blister balm. Pair the kit with a bottle of bubbly or their favorite wine so that your group can kick back and relax between now and the big day.

Be My Bridesmaid Kit, $22,



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Jump In

Max & Friends

Your bridesmaids are going to be planning several of your pre-wedding festivities and answering a lot of questions between now and the wedding day. The least you can do is organize a little fun in the sun as part of your bridesmaid proposals. Invite them to join you for an afternoon at the pool (better yet, rent a house that has one and make a weekend of it), with fun floats, some cocktails, and the music you listen to when getting ready for a night out. It'll be just like old times, and a fun way to kick things off.

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Frame It Up

be my bridesmaid silver xoxo picture frame
Courtesy of Mark and Graham

Put your favorite snapshot in a customized picture frame. Because we have a hunch so many of the photos you've taken together aren't printed out, you can pair it with a small album—or just a selection of prints they can swap in to the frame.

Silver Plate Picture Frame, from $49,



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Have a Laugh

be my bridesmaid beauty box
Courtesy of Foxblossom Co.

Use puns to propose to your bridesmaids. You couldn't tie the knot without them? Give white gold-plated knot earrings. To have and to hold? That applies to their hair when it's time to dance the night away, so giving them a shimmery hair tie with their role written on it will help.

Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box, $70,



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Cheers to That

be my bridesmaid customized champagne flutes
Courtesy of Etsy

Calligraphed champagne flutes are about as celebratory as it gets. Wrap these up with a bottle of pink bubbly for each of your bridesmaids if you can't pop the question in person.

Party Flutes Personalized Champagne Flutes, $9.60 each,



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A Pretty Card

be my bridesmaid floral calligraphy card and envelope with flowers
Courtesy of Seniman Calligraphy

Send a floral card asking the question, but tuck it in to an equally pretty arrangement of fresh blooms in a color that suits each woman.

A2 "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Card, $19.95 for five,



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A Secret Message

be my bridesmaid hands holding coffee mug
Courtesy of Etsy

If your future bridesmaids are coffee lovers, invite each woman over for a cup of joe presented in a special mug. When they're finished the cup, they'll see the question at the bottom.

The Letter Loft UK "Hidden Message Mug," $21.60,



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How Fortunate

be my bridesmaid cootie catcher
Abby Jiu Photography

Lauryn Prattes Styling and Events hatched up these adorable cootie catchers. Show your love—and good fortune—for having such great friends, sisters, and relatives by creating a similar fortune teller for each woman. Just make sure that each answer ultimately reveals the "will you be my bridesmaid" question.

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A Stylish Kit

be my bridesmaid pink and gold gift box
Courtesy of Target

Show your love with a few heart-shaped goodies (like a mug and picture frame) paired with a trinket dish and sunglasses. But before you hand this over to your besties, pop a photo of yourselves inside the frame, add a small piece of jewelry to the dish, and write a card explaining why it would mean so much to you to have her by your side.

Kate Aspen "Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit," $24,



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A Pinch of This

be my bridesmaid recipe card
Courtesy of Belle & Union

An essential ingredient necessary for the perfect wedding? The best bridesmaids ever. Give them these Kraft paper letterpressed cards, and you'll soon have everything you need.

Bread & Butter Bridesmaid Card, $6,



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Stylish Sipper

be my bridesmaid tumbler with gold script
Courtesy of Kate Spade

Pop the question and help the enviornment by giving each woman a reusable tumbler that tells the world she's not only socially-responsible but totally there for her bride, too.

"Hocus to My Pocus Bridesmaid Tumbler," $18,



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Flower Power

be my bridesmaid floral arrangement class
Christine Doneé

Whether you tap a professional florist to help or just have a go at it yourself, organizing a flower arranging class is a fun activity for you and your future bridesmaids to do together.

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Make Them Blush

be my bridesmaid gift box with dried flowers
Courtesy of Lauren Ashley Studio

The best gift boxes have a theme or some sort of common thread. Here, it's all black, white, and pink. We love the dried blooms, which have us thinking into the days post-wedding when she can dry her bridesmaid bouquet as a memento.

Blushing Bridesmaid Mini Box, $90,



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A Pop of Color

be my bridesmaid confetti popper
Courtesy of White Confetti Box

Can't ask the question in person? Send a festive surprise in the mail. When popped open, confetti will burst into the air with great fanfare and your bridesmaid-to-be will be left to read the message you've customized, with her name and the question asking her to stand by your side on the big day.

Bridesmaid Confetti Popper, $7, whiteconfettibox.com


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Go Metallic

be my bridesmaid metallic card
Courtesy of Etsy

Let your bridesmaids know how precious they are to you with a card in the color of a precious metal. Bonus points if you add a silver something—a picture frame, a piece of jewelry she can wear on the wedding day, or a decorative box you can tuck this card into for a bigger reveal.

DJP Designs Foiled "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" postcard, $2.84,



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A Little R&R

be my bridesmaid bath salt set
Courtesy of Esselle SF

After you've asked her to be your bridesmaid, send along a curated playlist, a bottle of red wine, and a luxurious bath set. She'll relax and think about all the fun that's in store.

Dual Bath Fizz Set, $44,



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Like a Rock

be my bridesmaid candy in gem containers
Christine Doneé

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but best friends are as special as diamonds. Fill gem-like containers with sweet treats paired with calligraphed tags to match.

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Love Grows

be my bridesmaid face vase containing air plant
Courtesy of Urbanstems

Your relationship with your best friend, sister, or cousin have evolved over the years. Celebrate that growth with an air plant in a girly ceramic planter.

The Cathy, $50,



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Eat It Up

be my bridesmaid chocolate set in form of makeup
Courtesy of Maggie Louise Confections

Finding your most flattering lipstick is like finding the friends who make you your best self. So, ask them to be your bridesmaid with this set of chocolates—yes, these are edible—in the form of lipsticks, lips, a jewel, and golden cubes.

Mini Hello, Gorgeous!, $25, maggielouiseconfections.com


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Pajama Time

be my bridesmaid woman in white pajama set
Courtesy of J.Crew

Pretend you're still in middle school and host a slumber party. Invite your future bridesmaids and gift them a set of these cotton pajamas—which you can monogram with their initials.

Vintage Short-Sleeve Pajama Set, from $85,



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Do It with Bubbly

be my bridesmaid champagne
Ashleigh Jayne

Angela Marie Events had Proper Prints write out, "Help me pop the cork and tie the knot. Will you be my bridesmaid?" on gold labels wrapped around bottles of Champagne. What's more festive than that? A gilded gathering for a bridesmaid-to-be luncheon!

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Learn Together

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Pair popping the question to your bridesmaids with adding a new skill to your repertoire. One popular pick? Flower arranging. Each woman will go home with a beautiful arrangement. Bonus points if you already know what kind of flowers you want to use in your bouquets. It'll be a fun way to foreshadow the actual wedding.

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Cute and Pink

be my bridesmaid rose gold card
Courtesy of Etsy

This rose gold card is pretty cute, but so is an album of photos of you and your bridesmaids over the years—particularly if you've known each other since you were babies. Why not give both?

Starboard Press "Rose Gold Foil Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card," $4.50,



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Sweet Treats

be my bridesmaid cookie dough
Courtesy of Dō

Ask your friends to be bridesmaids with cookie dough and they'll definitely say "I Dō."

Bridesmaid Proposal Cookie Do 6-pack, $69,



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Write a Note

Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Easy does it! When asking your bridesmaids these cards boasting an illustrated bouquet say it all. Slip in a favorite snapshot to make it more special.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? card, $4.50 or $16/set of 8, riflepaperco.com


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