From calligraphy to bonding with your youngest attendants, don't forget to add these meaningful tasks to your to-do list!
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No matter how organized you are, the last few weeks leading up to the wedding are always filled with action. Lots of tasks-both large and small-can easily be overlooked when you're so busy crossing the major items off your to-do list. From writing your own vows to assembling your welcome bags, here are nine special details couples often forget to make time for, but shouldn't.


Calligraphy is something you'll need to properly plan for. Most wedding invitations are sent out about six to eight weeks prior to the wedding, but calligraphy has to be done in the time between printing and mailing. This process can take up to a few weeks depending on your calligrapher, so don't forget to plan accordingly. The same goes for escort cards; if you want seating assignments to be beautifully hand-written, you'll need to start the conversation with a calligrapher well in advance of your wedding day.

Writing Your Vows

If you're writing your own vows, you'll likely be tempted to wait till the last minute to jot them down. Instead of waiting until crunch time, plan ahead so you'll have a decent amount of time to do a few rounds of editing. This also ensures you have plenty of time to practice your words aloud and get comfortable with them before the ceremony.

Ordering and Assembling Your Welcome Bag Items

Choosing and purchasing everything you'll include in your welcome bags is a surprisingly time consuming task and one you won't want to procrastinate with. Assembling your welcome bags during your wedding week is more time consuming than most couples realize. This is a great task to set aside a whole day for, and it's one that's usually best done with a few friends and a really good playlist.

Finding a Card for Your Spouse

You might wait until the morning of the wedding to actually fill it out, but spend some time at your favorite stationery store looking for the perfect big-day card for your soon-to-be husband or wife. Penning a heartfelt note ahead of your ceremony is even more meaningful when your words will be held inside a beautiful card.

Look for Your "Something Old"

Don't forget to set aside some time to scour your family heirlooms and find a few pieces you'd want to wear or use as your "something old." Jewelry and accessories work well if you're looking for something to wear while Champagne flutes, cake knives, and heirloom cocktail napkins are all great finds that can be displayed or used during the party.

Bonding with Young Wedding Party Members

If you can manage it a few weeks before your wedding, set aside a little time to spend with your flower girls and ring bearers. Maybe take them out for ice cream, a museum visit, or a trip to a local park to remind them they have this job because they're extra special people in your lives.

Writing Your Reception Toast

Some couples prefer to make their wedding toast on the spot, but the best speeches are those that have been thoughtfully prepared. It doesn't have to be long, but you'll want to hit all the key points, so don't forget to budget time to write it.

Creating an Itinerary for the Wedding Party

The big day is going to be busy, so it's essential that you create a timeline for family and friends who are involved in the celebration and share it with them early. This should include arrival times, a hair and makeup schedule, when photos will begin, and the pertinent timing details for the actual ceremony and reception. While it does require some thoughtful planning, this will save you the headache of constant messages and timing reminders throughout the weekend.

Thanking Your Family, Vendors, and Guests

Set time aside to thank the friends, family members, and vendors who really went the extra mile to help with your wedding planning. Whether that means having a personal conversation, writing a thank-you note, or finding a sweet gift is up to you, but it's important to show your appreciation in some way.


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