20 Wedding Color Palettes That Are Perfect for Spring

ali mark wedding new york bouquet
Photo: Samm Blake

Before you pick and pair shades for your event, turn to these real color schemes for seasonal inspiration.

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wedding place setting
Mariel Hannah Photography

Your spring wedding is bound to be beautiful, thanks to seasonal staples like gorgeous flowers and warmer weather. Spring's also associated with a plethora of pretty hues that you can use to craft your color palette with. To prove our point, we're providing examples.

If you gravitated toward a spring wedding, you might also gravitate toward pastels. Softer shades are extremely common at celebrations in March through June, which is why we've rounded up some of our favorite iterations of them being put to good use in real couple's events. We've put extra emphasis on creative usages, because popular doesn't have to mean predictable.

But spring isn't limited to pale pinks and light blues. We love seeing deep, cool colors, which nod to the earlier months and their wet forecasts. As the temperature warms, the palette can warm too, getting more vibrant as summer approaches. Alternatively, you can look less to specific elements of the season, and instead focus on the emotions that spring stirs up. Does the end of winter bring you joy? Work with happy hues, like bright yellow. The photos ahead demonstrate all of these options and more.

In the end, any color can feel true to spring, so long as you pick ones with certain tones, and combine them in the right ways. To see what we mean, click through the following ideas, which showcase the wide array of shades and pairings that've been used at past parties. Along the way, you'll also encounter unique methods of displaying your chosen hues via every wedding detail, from your invitations to your cake.

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Blue, Purple, and Pink

spring wedding elegant reception tent
Love by Serena

Soft, cool shades ruled under this reception's tent. Everything from the aqua drapery and the cornflower centerpiece vessels to the periwinkle napkins and blush tablecloths contributed to the space's bright and airy feel.

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Pink, Orange, and White

marianne patrick bridal bouquet
Lacie Hansen Photography

Various shades of orange-pink were combined with white in this bouquet, and the happy hues were carried through to the rest of the April wedding.

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Shades of Pink

Jodi & Kurt Photography

Pink is surprisingly versatile, thanks to its wide range of hues. This May wedding utilized a few for coordinating escort cards.

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Warm Hues and Green

chair and tables
Belathée Photography

There's no denying that subdued shades are popular for spring weddings, but the season boasts its fair share of brightness, too. This saturated colorscape of fiery reds, oranges, and yellows plus verdant greens was just as fitting for the time of year.

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Blue, Green, and Orange

cat denis wedding reception tables
Jessica Lorren Photography

We love how the venue's teal interior complemented this April wedding's green, white, and orange décor for an overall elegant look. Draw inspiration from your own venue for a similarly cohesive palette.

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Red, Pink, and White

Paige Jones Photography

Dark reds are common for fall and winter weddings, but when they're paired with lighter shades, they're mellowed out for spring.

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Orange, Purple, and Yellow

bouquet flowers pastel colors
Stephanie Brazzle

This bride carried a springy mix of peach, lavender, and buttery-yellow blooms. The combination could be applied throughout your ceremony and reception flowers to stunning effect.

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Green and White

haylie brad wedding reception tent
A Bryan Photo

When mixed with ivory, emerald green gives off a regal feel. Need proof? Just look at this March wedding.

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Neutrals and Metallics

alexis zach wedding italy bridal party
Kyle John Photography

Light and shiny earthy shades aren't just refreshing—they let the spring landscape speak for itself.

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Purple, Orange, and Green

stefanie drew wedding reception
Julie Livingston Photography

This April couple masterfully combined a large number of colors for their reception space, including violet, grassy green, and sandy orange. But those weren't the only shades—there were pops of cobalt and bubblegum pink, too.

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Natural Hues

adele seth wedding michigan bridesmaids
Olivia Leigh Photographie

Look to nature for palette inspiration, like this bride did for the woodsy scheme of her bridesmaids' dresses.

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Red, Purple, and White

Ryan Ray Photography

Purple and red can be hard to match, but it's not impossible, as this May wedding went to show. The tones in these bouquets went well with the dresses of their carriers, and pops of white (and a little yellow) smoothed out the contrast.

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Pink, Green, and Blue

wedding table sign
Erich McVey

Lush, rich shades aren't reserved for summer—this spring wedding proved you can display them impressively during the transitional season.

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Blue, Green, and White

wedding table
Mariel Hannah Photography

A baby blue runner made this mostly-white, greenery-filled space at a March reception absolutely ethereal.

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Purple, Pink, and Orange

Shaun Menary Photography

The dustier shades in this attire paired surprisingly well with the wedding's magenta, marigold, and taffy pink flowers. The unexpected combination thoroughly suits spring.

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Blue and Yellow

ali mark wedding new york bouquet
Samm Blake

This cheerful May arrangement beautifully toed the line between spring and summer, as a mix of cerulean and canary always does.

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Purple, Blue, and Red

simone darren wedding ireland bridesmaids flower girls
Paula O'Hara

These April bridesmaids paired silver-blue dresses with moody clutches. The color scheme resembled a garden on a rainy spring day.

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Red, Pink, and Blue

Tec Petaja

How incredible was this palette when used for an overhead installation overflowing with flowers?

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Pastels and Moody Mixes

bride bridesmaids pastel colors
Feather & Twine Photography

Spring pastels don't look overdone when they're brighter than usual, and placed beside darker hues.

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Gray and Blue

Cambria Grace Photography

Nod to the wet weather with a color scheme of slate and blue-green, as this May wedding did.

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