Whether you've having your hair styled for your best friend's wedding or your own bridal shower, you'll want your look to last.
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A blowout, like a good manicure, is something you want to last as long as possible-and this is especially when you're attending back-to-back weddings or have several pre-wedding events of your own on the calendar. While you can probably get away with not rinsing your hair for at least a few days post-blow dry, it's not easy to maintain that fresh-out-of-the-salon style, volume, and overall sleekness. Plus, there are some common steps women make in an attempt to make their blowout last that ultimately backfire. One is applying too much hairspray the next day and touching their hair repeatedly. "I'm a nervous hair twirler so I know how addictive it can be, but our hands carry oil and are hardly ever clean," says celebrity hairstylist Felix Fischer. Another mistake? Brushing too hard, which Fischer says can cause the blowout to bust. "Choose a gentle brush like Mason Pearson, as these brushes will keep your hair looking smooth rather than fluffy."

To help you maintain your sleek, shiny blowout for as possible, we asked top hairstylists to share their best tips. Armed with their advice, any busy bride or wedding guest will be well on their way to making that blowout last well passed day one.

Use a top-notch blow-dryer.

A great blow-dryer is not only essential for a smooth, event-ready blowout, but it's also ideal for everyday styling, celebrity hairstylist Janet Zeitoun says. She likes the SRI Blow Dryer, which features a "cool shot" setting. "This feature secures your curls and adds a silky feel to the hair," she says. "It can liven up your blow-dry when you need to freshen up your style."

Wash with quality shampoo and conditioner.

If there's a place to save on costs, it's not with your shampoo and conditioner, according to Fischer. "Using a quality shampoo and conditioner prior to the blowout is so important for the hair and hair quality," he adds. He recommends opting for sulfate-free brands such as L'Anza or Pureology.

Don't use dry shampoo right away.

While your first move to enhance the longevity of your blowout might be to pile on the dry shampoo, hairstylists say this is a big mistake. "Dry shampoo leaves starchy residue behind, which can actually shorten the life your style," warns Fischer. "Instead, try a light hold hairspray, like Lenore Greyl to add a little volume." By the third day, it's safe to use a dry shampoo, just make sure you first spray the hairline. "To give your hair an all-over, shower-fresh feel, you must divide and conquer by parting the hair into sections," Fischer adds. "Let your pointer finger be your guide by aligning it with your ear, then separating your hair into the back and front parts, and finally, spraying your roots."

Use anti-humidity protection products.

The number one enemy of your blowout? Moisture! That's why celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons recommends locking in your style with an anti-humidity and/or anti-frizz product to keep your blowout smooth. His go-to is Alterna Haircare Caviar Smoothing Anti-Frizz Dry Oil Mist.

Tie your hair back while you sleep.

When you go to sleep at night, Arsen Gurgov, celebrity hairstylist and founder of the Arsen Gurgov Salon in New York City, recommends gently tie your hair back with a hair tie that does not leave a dent in the hair. "I'm really loving the new Pulleez Sliding Ponytail Holders-they have a sliding toggle design that gently holds the hair in place without snagging it and can simply be removed by squeezing the toggle to quickly release the hair without denting or damaging the hair in any way," he says. "They're so easy to use, and I like that they're functional and chic."

Bathe instead of showering.

While you're not planning on washing your hair for a few days, you'll still want to cleanse the rest of your body. A shower cap will protect the majority of your hair, but you may find that your roots get slightly damp. Unnecessary heat and humidity also build up while the shower is running, which is why Gurgov suggests bathing to protect the life of your blowout.


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