These pointers will help you enhance your bridal jewelry.
hannah steve engagement ring

There's nothing wrong with makeover from time to time, and even your much-loved engagement ring may benefit from a little sprucing up at some point. If you're thinking about making changes to the ring your partner proposed with, there are a few things you should keep in mind. As a general rule of thumb, choose one or two elements you'd like to change. Just as you wouldn't tear down your whole house when you want to make a few improvements, you shouldn't be starting from scratch now. If you find want to change everything, it may make more sense to buy a completely new ring, but tread carefully as trading in this special piece of jewelry may hurt your partner's feelings. Here, what you need to know about upgrading your engagement ring.

Replace the center stone.

If your finances have improved significantly and you want to acknowledge that, look in to replacing your ring with a larger or higher quality diamond. As you shop, pay attention to cut and clarity. A diamond's cut refers to the way it reflects light. The more skillful that cut is, the more the diamond will sparkle. Clarity rates a diamond's flaws. Unless you really want to spend big on a near-flawless stone, check out diamonds whose flaws are only visible with a jeweler's loupe and not the naked eye.

Get a new band.

If you love your stone, think about changing just the band. You can swap metals, forsaking your gold band for more durable platinum. You could also go from a thin band to one that's thicker, or simply have your white or yellow gold ring re-dipped for a bright, shiny look. Another popular choice? Upgrade to a pavé band, which features small diamonds set within the metal of the ring.

Change the setting.

How the diamond is set in the band will dramatically alter the stone's appearance. If you have a classic prong setting, you might change it to a bezel setting, where a metal rim encircles the stone. Your ring will be transformed! If you're getting a bigger stone, which is often the case with an upgrade, your current setting may not be able to accommodate it so you'd likely have to pick a new one anyway.

Add some side stones.

Choose a new band that is designed to have a center stone and a smaller stone on each side, or add a few smaller diamonds clustered around the center stone for an on-trend halo look.

Alter the shape.

A diamond can be cut into many different shapes including round, princess, emerald, cushion, asscher, and pear. Whether or not you can change the shape of your particular diamond depends on its current shape and size.


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