Here's what you need to know about wearing both an engagement ring and a wedding band.
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Wearing multiple rings isn't only a fashion statement: Once you're married, it's how you'll wear both your engagement ring and wedding band together, or else how you'll show off your stackable wedding rings. Occasionally, questions come up about how to properly wear multiple rings, both from a care and sentiment perspective. Here, we cover all the details.

How should you wear your new wedding band?

Tradition says that a married woman should wear her wedding band on the inside of her finger, closest to her heart, and her engagement ring should go on the outside. According to Jerry Ehrenwald, president and CEO of the International Gemological Institute, there's a practical reason while you'll want to do this, too. "It's easier for a bride to have her wedding band on first, then her engagement ring, so she is able to easily remove the latter for everyday household activities such as washing the dishes or cleaning," he explains. "This allows the bride to preserve the ring and/or any diamonds from harsh chemicals."

Do you have to wear your rings in the traditional order?

While Ehrenwald notes that there's a sentimental value to wearing your wedding band in such a way that it (and, consequently, the person who gave it to you) is held closest to your heart, there's no rule that says you have to do this. Every bride has her own style and way of wearing the rings, and there's nothing wrong with changing things up. Wear just one of the rings, reverse the order, or wear one ring on each hand. Do what feels best to you.

If there are multiple rings, is it okay to wear them on different hands?

Stackable wedding bands are trending, and Ehrenwald notes that you can wear multiple rings in pretty much any way you'd like. "Traditionalists may opt to keep all bands on the left ring finger, but there is no set rule on needing to have all of the set on one hand," he says. Ultimately, it's up to the bride to decide how many bands she'd like to wear and on which fingers.

What about symmetry?

Comfort has a lot to do with the way brides choose to wear their rings. Ehrenwald adds, "Many brides like the symmetry of having their engagement ring in between two bands." A ring jacket, which is made to keep multiple rings in place comfortably, can be a great addition for these brides.


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