So many brides forget to do this!

By Sara Dickinson
April 10, 2019

Once you've selected and purchased your wedding dress, it'll be at least a few months before your first fitting. When that time comes, you'll probably be so excited to finally see your dream gown in person (and in your size!) that it'll be hard to focus on some of the specifics. Still, it's important to avoid letting your excitement derail the appointment-you'll still want to pay close attention to the decisions you're making in terms of alterations, and you should be sure to do one very important thing before you leave the salon: sit in your dress.

Amanda Gray at Ashley Baber Weddings reminds us that a bride deserves to look and feel her best all night long. That's why sitting in your dress-something countless brides forget to do-is essential. "It's important to check how you will feel in your dress while sitting during the wedding ceremony or dinner," she says. "You will also get a sense of how you'll have to readjust your dress when you stand again." How you feel sitting in the bridal salon will influence the alterations that need to be made. If you don't want to spend the entire night pulling your dress back up, you may choose to add straps; if you feel like it's hard to breathe when sitting, you may choose to let the waist on the dress out slightly.

To avoid feeling like a mummy on your wedding day, Kasey Schaffer from Toast Events reminds brides who have selected form-fitting gowns to do more than just sit down. The pro says these women should also make an effort to bend over during the fitting to ensure that they're able to move around properly. "You should be able to walk, bend over, sit down, eat, and dance the night away in your dress without feeling uncomfortable," she says. "You can look great and feel great in a perfectly tailored dress!"

Expert wedding planner Calder Clark even suggests going so far as to bust out a few dance moves during your dress fitting, too. It's the only way to ensure there won't be any surprise wardrobe malfunctions during the party. "Outside of formal wedding day portraiture, you need to be ready to move andgroove in your gown," she says, "It's unrealistic to think that you'll perch the entire night. More realistically, you'll be hugging, bending, sitting, dancing-maybe even being flipped!"

If you've planned an elaborate first dance, a bouquet or garter toss, or think you may dance the Hora with your guests, you definitely want to make sure you won't have any trouble with your dress. "Your gown should match not only your personal style, but your party style," Clark says.


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