Here's the latest installment in this trio's hilarious "love triangle" saga.

By Emily Platt
July 23, 2018
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Golden Globes 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds loves Blake Lively so much, he can't fathom the thought of sharing her with anybody else! While at Comic-Con over the weekend, the actor caught up with Entertainment Tonight, who asked him about Anna Kenrick and Lively's running joke that they're in love. While Reynolds previously played along with the actresses, now, he's changed his tune.

After an ET reporter told Reynolds, "Anna Kendrick apparently loves your wife and apparently feels like she gave you Deadpool, so she should have your wife," he had quite the comical response. "Yeah, please let's not do that. I know a lot of guys that would be fine with that but not me, I would like to hang onto her," he said. "I mean, she'd be well taken care of with Anna though, I think she's got the goods, yeah, but no, access denied."

While promoting their movie, A Simple Favor, Kendrick and Lively first teased romantic feelings for each other. "[Anna Kendrick] is the hotter, female(r) version of my husband... so, would it reaaaally count as cheating??" the Gossip Girl star joked on Instagram. In the comments, the Pitch Perfect actress wrote, "So glad we're finally taking this public."

At the time, Reynolds seemingly conceded to Kendrick, commenting, "I'll miss you both. Tell my story." Now though, it looks like the Deadpool star is defending his union with his wife. After all, who else would he watch The Handmaid's Tale with? According to E! News, that's Reynolds and Lively's favorite television show right now-another detail he revealed at Comic-Con.


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