Showering the bride and groom with confetti as they exit the ceremony is a twist on a time-honored tradition, but it can create a mess. With biodegradable paper, the problem literally disappears.
Credit: Riley & Riley

This DIY confetti disintegrates once it gets wet. These tiny pieces come in all sorts of colors and shapes, including stars, bells, and hearts. Sew them inside glassine packets, and guests can tuck them away, then tear them open later.

Vanishing Confetti How-To

You'll need a 5-by-71/2-inch piece of card stock, 5-by-71/2-inch glassine sheets, a ruler, art paper printed with date and couple's names and cut into 3/4-by-6-inch strips, confetti, and a sewing machine.

  1. To make a guide for folding glassine, fold card stock in thirds and crease. Lay glassine on card stock. Lay ruler in crease to help hold steady, and fold glassine.
  2. Turn glassine over; center strip on top.
  3. Sew one end shut (3/4-inch seam allowance). Fill with confetti. Sew other end.
  4. Trim ends with scalloping scissors.


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