Plus, how to answer them.

It's not every day you're newly married. And as you've been pretty busy…what with wedding and honeymoon planning, maybe even apartment hunting, you may not have given much thought to the barrage of questions coming your way.

1. How was the wedding?

Even people who were at the wedding might want to know, after the fact, how the wedding was for you. Your experience of it will have been very different from everyone else's!

2. Are you sad it's over?

Way to rub it in! Weddings can be a little bittersweet…it's such a special day that's over, well, in a day. But that's why you hired an amazing photographer, and took to heart all that advice about being present. Plus, your wedding may be over, but it's just the beginning of your marriage, so you can look forward to making many more awesome memories together, most of which will require a lot less planning.

3. Are you relieved you're not planning a wedding anymore?

You may have really enjoyed it, but planning a wedding can get stressful even for easygoing brides. Don't worry, this question doesn't imply you didn't handle it well…people are probably curious about what you're doing with all your newfound free time.

4. Can I see pics?

Even people not connected to you on social media love to see photos (especially the professional ones!) of your wedding day. Don't feel weird about pulling out your phone (or the album if you're at home) and showing your beautiful day off. They did ask!

5. How was your honeymoon?

Most people aren't looking for a one-word answer, so feel free to relive a little. Honeymoons are often special trips to once-in-a-lifetime destinations, so people will be curious to hear about the details: where you went and what you did, especially the romantic things…like sunset dinners on the beach and hot-air balloon rides.

6. Where are you going on honeymoon?

If you haven't yet been, everyone will want to know what you've planned or are planning. Some will have great tips and recommendations, others will be jealous-in a good way!

7. How's married life?

Good. Awesome. Amazing. I love it. I hate it…just kidding! This is such a broad question…be as vague (or as detailed) as you like.

8. How's living together going?

While you may have had your fair share of (consecutive) sleepovers before your wedding, if you didn't actually live together, it can take some getting used to! And even if none of your spouse's daily living habits come as a surprise, there's the question of what to do with all your combined stuff…like that really ugly statue the love of your life refuses to part with.

9. Does being married feel different?

Whether or not you were living together before your wedding, getting married is a huge milestone…one that may (or may not) affect the day-to-day of your relationship and feelings for your spouse…but if you're not in the mood for deep, existential soul-searching, brush it off with a breezy, "Not really!" or "Yes, I'm even more in love!"

10. When are you having kids?

There are so many variations of this question, and some might really throw you off, like: "Pregnant yet?!" posed with a wink the day after you return from your honeymoon. Some, a little more subtle, leave timeline out of it ("How many kids do you think you'll have?"), but they're after the same intel. When (and if) you will make babies is proprietary information…don't feel pressured to share any secrets!


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