You'll need to guide them through the weekend.

By Alyssa Brown
March 19, 2020
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Camping and glamping have made their way into the wedding scene over the past decade or so, with plenty of hotels offering comfortable camping tents on their properties and event companies that exclusively offer luxury overnight tent rentals for guests at events. But is a camping wedding the right idea for you and your guests? Here are three things you need to know if you want to ensure your family members and friends get the best out of their experience.

Encourage your guests to give camping a shot.

Camping isn't for everyone, but it's up to you as the host to encourage your friends and family to give it a shot. Talking it up in conversation helps, but a really helpful Q&A on your wedding website is a great way to tackle basic questions from your guests too. Kelsey Sheofsky, founder of Shelter Co., provides luxury tents and off-grid event production for pop-up camping events and weddings around the country. She says, "Your guests will enjoy it a lot more than they think they will—even the non-campers! Glamping gives everyone the opportunity to bond throughout the weekend and the actual tented experience always exceeds guests' expectations—at least that's what we've found with our campers."

Be sure to cover the basics.

According to Sheofsky, the two most important priorities on campers' minds are coffee and restrooms. She says, "Don't underestimate the importance of early-morning coffee availability. It's a make or break situation!" All glamping services have different capabilities when it comes to coffee, including camping butlers or self-serve stations. If your guests are more likely to enjoy a strong latte or espresso drink, you might consider bringing in a local coffee truck for a larger group.

Basic hygiene is always an issue when camping, but it's especially important when there's a wedding on the agenda. You want your guests to have everything they need in order to get ready on your wedding day. Sheofsky says, "Restrooms and showers are important—not a place to skimp!" If you're working with a tenting company, they'll often bring in a local supplier of portable restrooms and showers for the occasion.

Offer an alternative.

There are some wedding guests who just won't want to camp, and that's okay. Sheofsky says, "We usually encourage our clients to have onsite glamping as the main accommodation option, and then recommend hotels and home rentals as alternative options for those not as comfortable. And we always set up a few extra tents, because most weddings end up having guests who have hotel regret and want to end up crashing in a tent at the end of the night."


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