Olivia Munn denies engagement rumors—again.
Credit: Olivia Munn via Instagram

Are they engaged or not? That seems to be the question circling around Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers. The topic was brought up most recently at the "Young Hollywood" Celebration earlier this week. And it's not like they've been avoiding the issue: The couple has answered "no" so many times that they're starting to sound like a broken record. As much as we'd like it to be true, after two months of headlines, we can't help but wonder when people will get the message. Now, a recap of all the times the Zoolander 2 actress and the Green Bay Packers quarterback have insisted they are not engaged.

Denial #1: It's not that kind of ring.

The rumors began back in November 2014, when Rodgers gave Munn a gorgeous ring after dating for six months. "It's not that kind of ring, by the way," Munn was quick to clarify to E! News. "It's not the special ring. I mean, it's a very special ring, but it is not the special ring."

Denial #2: If she were engaged, she would have told her mom.

The engagement rumors have been so persistent, even Munn's mom, Kim, wasn't sure if her daughter was betrothed. Last month, Munn posted a screenshot of their hilarious text message exchange on Instagram. "Answering yes or no to personal questions can be tricky because if you say 'No' it means whenever you say 'No comment' that kind of becomes your default 'Yes,'" she captioned the photo. "But since I'm doing press for the next few days, I didn't want to have to answer the same question over and over. So instead, I'm going to let my text conversation with my Asian mom help me out."

Denial #3: It was just a rumor a magazine started.

Shortly after, Munn appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she discussed the engagement buzz with the host. "Some random magazine decided to say it one day, and I didn't think people would actually believe it," Munn said before telling the story of her mom's confusion. Naturally, Colbert decided to confuse Kim even more by sending a follow-up text from Munn's phone.

Denial #4: Again, it's just gossip.

In an interview on The Ellen Show, Munn insisted again that they're engaged. "You would be the first person I told," Munn joked to DeGeneres before clarifying: "It was a magazine that said it and then everybody started going with it."

Denial #5: She has a finger there.

On the red carpet at the "Young Hollywood" Celebration, Entertainment Tonight's Katie Krause questioned Munn about an Instagram she had seen, in which the actress appeared to be wearing a ring on her left ring finger. Munn's response? "Well, I'm wearing a ring on my left hand right now, but as my publicist, Marcel, will say, 'When people ask, 'Why is she wearing a ring on her left ringer?' he says, 'because she has a finger there!'"

Denial #6: Salty foods make her right hand swell.

When Krause asked the actress to clarify whether or not it was an engagement ring, she said no. "The other day I was eating … I had been eating too many salty foods, so it didn't fit. It's my emerald ring that I wear all the time on my right hand and I had to put it on my left because my right hand was getting too swollen!"

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