There may be some creative alternatives.

By Alyssa Brown
October 02, 2019

Booking room blocks for your guests can come with some confusion around what's expected. Of the many questions that arise in the booking process, one of the most is common is whether the couple will be required to host any events on-site at the hotel. The answer to this question completely depends on the hotel's own policies and what they have available. So, here's what you need to know.

Check your contract.

Every hotel contract has a different set of standards, based on what they offer in-house, what availability is like, how many rooms you're reserving, and what the hotel requires to hit its goals. Most hotels that have restaurants on-site will require a minimum amount of money be spent on food and drink during your hotel block if you have ten rooms or more set aside. This is meant to encourage you to host an event on-site. In some cases, you can hit this minimum by hosting a welcome party or day-after brunch; in others cases you may need to book something more substantial or get creative with how you meet the minimum.

Consider other ways to reach a food and beverage minimum.

Some hotels are firm in their approach and will require an event to be hosted with them. Others may allow some flexibility in how you reach the food and beverage minimum. For example, if you don't want to host a brunch, maybe you can coordinate room service for all of your wedding guests on the post-wedding morning and have a nice spread of coffee, granola, fresh fruit, and eggs delivered to each room. Or, maybe you can use the hotel's turndown service on your wedding night and deliver treats made by the hotel to each guest's room. There may be some way to work around the food and beverage minimum without hosting an additional event, so be sure to talk through the options with your hotel sales representative before you finalize your booking.


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