Netflix and the Santa Clarita Diet co-stars helped one lucky guy propose to his longtime girlfriend.

By Sarah Schreiber
December 18, 2017
Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant

Drew Barrymore and her Santa Clarita Diet costar, Timothy Olyphant, just helped a couple take their relationship to the next level. The actors teamed up with Netflix to create a custom proposal for Conor and his longtime girlfriend, Kamela, by staging a reality TV show.

When it came time for Conor to propose, he knew he wanted to recreate a memory from the early days of their relationship. The couple watched Netflix on their first date six years ago-which made a Netflix-assisted proposal even more appropriate. Even better? Kamela's favorite show is Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet (which is where Barrymore and Olyphant come in!). On the big day, Kamela sat down on a couch with Conor, under the impression that she was being filmed for a reality TV segment. As she clicked onto an episode of her go-to show, Barrymore and Olyphant-who play a married couple on the Netflix special-popped onto the screen, and began discussing marriage on a couch.

Clearly, this wasn't your typical episode. Kamela was confused-and became even more confused when she realized that it was her boyfriend who was facilitating the fictional couple's conversation. Finally, the "episode" showed Conor come out from behind the camera, and sit down on the couch between Barrymore and Olyphant. "I have one more question, actually," he said. "But it's not for you guys. This one's for my girlfriend Kamela." Barrymore let Conor take it away: "Well, then, let's not keep Kamela waiting," she said, deferring to the "real-life" Conor.

"I've been lying to you a little bit, babe. This is all for you," he said, before getting down on one knee. "It's been awesome being your boyfriend, but if you're cool with it, I'd rather be your husband." After Kamela accepted and slid Conor's engagement ring onto her finger, she turned back to the video. "Congratulations!" Barrymore said to Conor on-screen, before turning towards his newly-minted fiancée. "Congratulations, Kamela!"


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