Answering these questions should be your very first planning step.
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The bachelorette party is one of the great rites of passage you'll experience in the months leading up to your wedding. The possibilities for this celebratory event are practically endless. Before getting lost in internet searches for super cute group ensembles and airfare deals to potential bachelorette destinations, make sure everyone's on the same page about where you'll go, what you'll do, and the budget. Here, four essential decisions the bride and her 'maids needs to make before they start organizing the bachelorette party.

Who's going to take the lead planning the bachelorette?

While the maid of honor typically plans the bachelorette party, almost anyone can take on the task. Although the bride typically isn't responsible for organizing the details, how involved she is in the process will be depends on her preference. Some brides might fully delegate planning responsibilities-she has plenty going on with planning the wedding, after all!-but other woman may want to take a more hand's on role, or even plan the celebration entirely. Any which way the responsibilities are allocated is fine, just so long as everyone's clear on who's managing what.

Will the bachelorette be held locally or out of town?

This is the first and most important decision a bride and her lead bachelorette party planner need to make, and it's a good idea to ask the rest of the 'maids to weigh in, too, because it's a decision that involves both a time commitment and money. While a local celebration is always easier to plan, there's also something special about a weekend-long bachelorette getaway. Getting a group consensus early on will help focus the brainstorming and planning process.

Who's going to be invited?

It's up to the bride to decide if the bachelorette party will be limited to bridesmaids exclusively or if she wants to invite other close friends and family members. If the bachelorette ends up being a spa day or some other local event, she may even want to invite her mom or her future mother-in-law. Likewise, depending on what's planned, she may want to include her male best friend or a few important guy friends, too. Nothing's off the table until the bride says so.

What will (or won't) the bride pay for?

Anyone who's ever been a bridesmaid knows just how special the experience is, but you also know how quickly costs can add up. That's why it's important to have an honest conversation about what the bride will (or won't) pay for early on in the planning process. The woman of honor may be happy to chip in just as much as everyone else, or else perhaps it's a tradition among friends that her bachelorette expenses will be covered with the exception of airfare to the destination. The important point is transparency-no one, not even your closest friends, likes surprises when it comes to expenses and out-of-pocket costs.


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