Unexpected Wedding Bouquet Color Combinations That Will Make Your Arrangement Pop

yellow, white, and green bouquet with ribbons
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If unique flowers are what you're after, these punchy mixes are perfect for you.

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Just because wedding bouquets are a traditional element of a ceremony doesn't mean they have to look or feel classic. In fact, more and more brides are choosing to modernize this big-day detail. The best way to do so? By choosing an unexpected color combination. There are so many advantages to pairing your favorite blooms with seemingly contrasting shades. The biggest plus is that a selection of vibrant blooms is guaranteed to turn heads as a bride walks down the aisle. Plus, an arrangement with eccentric colorways can speak to your outgoing personality and artistic nature. So, why not showcase your edgy and creative side on the most meaningful day of your life with a vivid spray your guests definitely won't see coming?

Another benefit of a bouquet with an unexpected color combination? The hues can allude to your wedding locale. If you're exchanging vows near the water during sunset, pair blue buds (these reference the ocean!) with orange-and-red roses (which can represent the sky just before dusk). These unique combinations can speak to your event's seasonality, as well. A clutch of pastel blush, mint, aqua, and ivory flowers is perfectly fit for a spring affair, while crimson berries and dark emerald leaves feel inherently wintry. You can even incorporate dried brown plants into your big-day selection for an autumnal arrangement. Planning an event that walks the line between a cold- and warm-weathered season? Subtly incorporate cooler tones into your warm-hued clutch with smaller blue buds. At this early spring wedding, Academy Florist incorporated icy delphiniums into an otherwise pastel rose and peony arrangement to speak to both times of year.

Deciding on a bold palette for your wedding bouquet, however, isn't always easy—which is where we come in. Ahead, we've gathered unexpected bouquet color combinations to inspire your own statement arrangement.

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Autumnal Clutch

autumnal white, orange, and green bouquet
Amilia Photography

Make like Mint Springs Farm and pair peach roses with white peonies, orange astilbe, and greenery for an autumnal bouquet that feels both rustic and elegant.

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Unexpected Pop

green and orange two-tone wedding bouquet
Jenny Quicksall

Opt for two-toned greenery in your bouquet for an unexpected pop of color. Poppy Hill Flowers worked green leaves with copper bottoms into this mix, creating a flash of orange from below.

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Dramatic Contrast

contrasting white roses and dark japanese maple bouquet
Jose Villa

Contrast fluffy white buds like roses and delphinium with dark, jagged Japanese maple leaves to give your bouquet (Sarah Winward made this one) a dramatic look.

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Complementary Colors

bouquet with lilacs yellow garden roses
Caroline Tran Photography

Playing with complementary colors throughout your bouquet can be striking. Kelly Oshiro paired violet lilacs, sweet peas, and tulips with yellow garden roses and ranunculus to create this bold nosegay.

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Fiery Balance

wedding bouquet rustic farm
Shannon Von Eschen

Scatter blue blooms alongside warm scarlet flora for a balanced and dynamic arrangement. Greenwood Events created this one using cobalt thistle and icy delphinium to contrast fiery red protea, dahlias, and berries.

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Green, Pink, and Yellow

jewel-toned wedding floral bouquet with mustard colored ribbon
Erich McVey

Copy East Olivia's clutch by mixing not two, but three unique shades together. The pros rounded out pink blooms and leaves (ranging from blush to dusty rose) with mint eucalyptus, and finished off the clutch with a rich amber ribbon.

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Bright and Springy

pink and blue floral wedding bouquet with matching ribbons
Anna Kardos Photography

Though all of the colors in this Petals By the Shore bouquet speak to a springtime celebration, the combination of bright peach (translated through tulips and garden roses) and pale sapphire (note the delphiniums!) feels particularly high contrast.

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Neon Flora

poppy bouquets sarah mack photo
Sarah Mack Photo

Modernize your big-day clutch with splashy florals in contemporary colorways, like Tangled Vine did here in this ultra-bright orange ranunculus, red-and-pink poppy, and purple delphinium bouquet.

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Moody Dahlias

bride dahlia bouquet dark burgundy flowers
Melanie Duerkopp

Play up your event's moody color palette with a deep burgundy dahlia arrangement—believe us, no one will see florals this dark coming (pair them with bright white anemones to enhance their depth!). Max Gill Design created this spray.

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'70s Wildflowers

poppy bouquets michelle roller
Michelle Roller

Turn to the '70s for inspiration as you brainstorm your own unique arrangement. This Eden Florals bouquet's color story was derived from the decade—the blue delphiniums, yellow-and-orange poppies, and pink garden roses made for an interesting palette.

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Diffused Peonies

Bride Holding a Large Wedding Bouquet
Natalie Bray Photography

Tone down statement peonies' vibrant pink hue with dark green-and-purple leaves for a unique play on dark-meets-light. Plenty of Petals made this iteration.

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Ombré Transition

Belathée Photography

Reimagine this Sinclair and Moore ombré arrangement by anchoring your spray with yellow buds, then transitioning to orange, red, and pink flora (in that order!) as your clutch cascades towards the ground.

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Lively Tropical

Fern Bouquet with Peonies and Anemones
Rebecca Hollis Photography

Note how Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events complemented tropical greenery with vibrant peonies anemones, clematis, and berries for a lively, vacation-inspired bouquet. Grouping red and purple buds felt particularly unique—but still exotic.

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Two Tone

sunset colored orange and pink floral bouquet
Carrie J. Photography

If you've decided on an unexpected bouquet color combination, why not work with your florist to enhance the contrast? Blush and Bloom highlighted this mix's two-tone composition by placing yellow blooms on the left and pink flora on the right.

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Romantically Rustic

rustic deep peach, gold, pink, and burgundy bouquet
Cassie Rosch Photography

Recreate Plume + Furrow's bouquet of peach peonies, gold anemones, coral proteas, burgundy dahlias, and wheatgrass if you're looking for clutch that—thanks to its color story—feels both romantic and bohemian.

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Beachy Hues

beachy blue, orange, and red floral bouquet
Emily Delamater Photography

Combine blue, orange, and red flowers for a dramatic bouquet that nods to your seaside wedding venue. Field Floral Studio's used cobalt blooms and greenery to nod to the ocean and crimson and tangerine buds to represent the sunset.

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Feminine Edge

bridesmaid holding blush roses and dark purple dahlia bouquet
Eric Kelley Photography

Contrasting muted blush roses with dark purple dahlias can lend your feminine clutch some edge, as evidenced by this Blossom Bay Design arrangement.

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Tonal Dried

dried wedding bouquet of palm leaves, hydrangeas, and orange leaves
Jacobo Pachón

Dried palm leaves, hydrangeas, and leaves came together to create a tonal clutch that's perfect for a fall wedding. Betty Flowers Santorini designed this mix.

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Painted Leaves

madison kyle wedding floral bouquet
Maureen M. Evans

Recreate this Hart bouquet by painting tropical leaves to give your arrangement a truly unique pop of color. The pros paired the faux accents with blue bachelor button, red-and-pink roses, and greenery to finish of this nontraditional look.

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Mustard Contrast

yellow, white, and green bouquet with ribbons
Shae Estella Photo

If there's one color you don't expect to see in wedding florals, it's mustard. Woods & Bloom, however, proved how dynamic this colorway truly is—especially when paired with muted green eucalyptus.

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