Your ring is the sparkly symbol of your love, but are you treating it that way?
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With your busy day-to-day life, it's easy to forget you're even wearing a ring until something goes wrong. Make sure you're not making these six mistakes, and you'll keep your ring safe, shiny, and in mint condition.

Washing your hands.

It might be a good hygiene practice, but it's a big no-no when it comes to your ring. "Soap sticks to the diamonds and metal and dries," says Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian, president of operations and design at Tacori. With a sticky residue overlaying its brilliance, your ring just won't have the same shine it normally does. To keep your ring sparkling, take it off every time you wash your hands. Just be careful when you're in public that you put it in your pocket or purse so it's safe.

Not insuring it.

With a pretty penny invested into your ring, it's really important that you protect it in the event of damage, loss, or theft. In the same way that you store it in its box, take it off when washing your hands, or have it cleaned, you have to make sure you take all the right steps to keep it safe, says Arzerounian.

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Forgetting to clean it.

Think of visiting your jeweler in the same way you think of going to the dry cleaner. You invested in something nice, and you want to clean it the best way possible. "It deserves a little spa treatment," says Arzerounian. So how often should you clean it? She recommends visiting a trusted jeweler every six months to a year.

Working out.

Your daily sweat sessions at the gym might do your body good, but they're torture for your ring. Cycling, spin class, lifting weights, and other rough activities can damage or potentially chip diamonds if they're hit against something too hard or at just the right angle, says jeweler Anna Sheffield. She especially warns about the risks with softer stones, like opal, moonstone, and even emeralds, which are very fragile and can break or chip. Leave your ring at home or tuck it into your gym bag while working out.


If you're a girl with a green thumb, good for you! Just make sure you leave your ring safely in the house while you're out making your garden grow. It's mostly about the dirt, sand, heavy lifting of pots, and using your hands on tools with intense pressure, like with a trowel, says Sheffield. Why? Over time or even just in one moment, the pressure applied to the ring can bend it. Not only will this give your ring a lopsided look, but it can impact the connection to the basket on top and pop side stones out of the setting. Stash your ring inside on gardening days.

Exposing it to cleaning products or aerosols.

"Chemicals in cleaners, perfumes, and even hairspray can do all kinds of damage to your rings," says Sheffield. While she says that most of these won't damage the diamond in the center of the ring, the chemicals can coat the diamond and make it hard to clean. Not only that, the little pave diamonds and the gold in the band can also be coated. Primp before putting on your ring, and take it off for any household cleaning.

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