Embrace this beautiful time of year by using the first buds of the season throughout your day.
pink wedding bouquet

Spring blooms-like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth-are nothing if not classic, but that doesn't mean there aren't fresh, unique ways to use them throughout your wedding. For a few non-traditional ideas using these seasonal flowers, we asked three florists for their new ways to use these traditional blooms. Chandin Geihsler of Studio 3 Floral Design, Natalie Zhou of Nana Floral, and Paul Goldman of Allen's Flower Market weigh in here.

The good news? There's no wrong way to incorporate the first buds of spring into your celebration. After a long winter, just their sheer presence is enough to bring a smile to every guests' face.

Just Add Water

Not crazy about classic arrangements? Don't feel required to use them. "Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth could all be used as submerged flowers, which lends a somewhat different approach to their presentation," Goldman explains. "The tulip and daffodil also do well as floating flowers in lily bowls."

For a Regal Feel

If you want to feel like straight-up royalty on your wedding day, Zhou says white hyacinth is the way to go. "Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet included lily of the valley, symbolizing a return to happiness, and white hyacinth, which means loveliness." Hyacinth is also a perfect flower, to round out a bouquet without going overboard.

Accent Pieces

Reception centerpieces may be a visual draw, but Goldman has a crafty trick for choosing smaller accent pieces that can hold their own. "Since hyacinth give off such great scents, I like to use them for smaller pieces which guests can get close to, like in bar areas, cocktail tables, and in your lounge area," he says.


If you just can't get enough of these beautiful spring blooms, there's always the opportunity to use yourself as the canvas. "Hyacinth florets can be used in hair pieces, boutonnières, and corsages" says Geihsler. "You can even use them to make botanical jewelry or garlands."


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