She picked family first.
"Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay
Credit: The Bachelorette via Instagram

This might be what jumping the gun looks like. We're still eagerly waiting to find out who exactly the Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is engaged to, but her fellow Bachelor alums are more than ready to celebrate the big news in advance. The only problem is Lindsay seems to have missed her own Bachelor Nation engagement party!

Several of the star's close friends, including Raven Gates, Astrid Loch, Alexis Waters, Danielle Lombard, Sarah Vendal, and Jasmine Goode, all headed down to Hard Rock Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last weekend to kick off the engagement celebrations–but it sounds like Lindsay missed her flight.

"All of the girls went this weekend because Rachel's obviously engaged and this was going to be her fun getaway weekend to celebrate," a source said, according to E! News. "She somehow didn't make it on her flight yesterday…She was supposed to be there. It's her trip. But at the last minute she didn't show up."

Friend Waters took to Instagram to tease the newly engaged Lindsay about the mishap, posting a photo of the six women who did make the trip posing on a giant Hard Rock Punta Cana sign. "Celebrating @therachlindsay engagement without @therachlindsay," Waters wrote in her caption.

So where was the Bachelorette star? It turns out she made a last-minute swap in plans to spend more time with her family. Lindsay posted her own Instagram photo with two of her cousins on Sunday afternoon, explaining her younger cousin had just won a big basketball game and Lindsay was there to watch. "Congrats to my lil cousin Jordan and her team S.K.A. on winning their basketball championship this weekend!!!!" She added the hashtag "#familyfirst"–just in case we needed a little more insight into why she passed on a weekend in the sun.

Looks like the party in Punta Cana went on without her. But we're sure Lindsay will have plenty of time to celebrate her engagement after the big Bachelorette finale in just a few weeks!


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