Credit: Annie Schlechter

Glass cake stands sparkle with bands of beads used for chandeliers. Here each tier displays a different method for hanging the beads, all of which combine satin ribbon and double-sided tape for easy application. Use the embellished stands to display treats at a wedding or shower.

For each band shown here, you'll need double-sided tape and single-faced satin ribbon, both cut to the circumference of the stand. Lay the crystals out beforehand to determine a spacing that works for your stand.

The two treatments on the left use inexpensive plastic chandelier beads. Press the stem of each bead onto the double-sided tape. Finish by laying a piece of ribbon over the stems.

The three treatments on the right are made with glass and crystal chandelier beads. For the swag style, first string a length of heavy thread with silver seed beads. Tack the beaded thread to the end of your ribbon, add a chandelier bead, tack again, and repeat. The second set comes with hooks that slip into the ribbon. Or you can sew individual crystals to the ribbon, leaving long loops of thread so they dangle. Affix ribbon to stand using tape.


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