Our Favorite Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Chandeliers

wedding chandelier crystal lighting group of five
Millie Holloman

If you really want to make a statement at your wedding ceremony and reception, consider hanging chandeliers throughout your space. It may sound overkill, but we assure you the latest lighting trend is anything but. From modern to vintage and everything in between, the style of these light fixtures ranges drastically, meaning there's something for everyone and every type of celebration. Of course you can mix it up by hanging contemporary-style lighting with exposed filament bulbs over a more ornate reception table, or a glimmering crystal chandelier in an otherwise rustic or industrial space. And don't forget the all-candle options out there, too. Lighting is such an influential part of the day's décor, and it becomes especially important once the sun sets. So, you'll want to consider all the different possibilities you have when it comes time to design the lighting for your big day.

We love chandeliers because they make a statement and serve as both a part of the décor and as a way to highlight the other decoration decisions you've made. Some couples opt for one massive showpiece to anchor their tent or float over their dance floor. Others prefer smaller pieces to spread out in a linear fashion or cluster together to make a statement. You can even transition from something simple—say an orb chandelier suspended within your ceremony structure—to a ceiling full of lights over your dinner tables. And if your lighting provider doesn't have quantity of one particular style, choose a bunch with a similar scale just like Salt Harbor Designs did here. The result is impactful yet still refined.

Once you've decided on the look and number of chandeliers for your space, it's time to think about dressing them up. While you don't have to do anything, greenery and fresh flowers are beautiful add-ons. Here, more beautiful ideas that are sure to help you get inspired.

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Down the Aisle

jess todd wedding seattle secret garden ceremony
Belathée Photography

Steve Moore of Sinclair and Moore transformed a rooftop space with a clear tent and chairs, a gray aisle, lush greenery, and a series of modern, faceted crystal chandeliers. Many couples opt to line their aisle with candles, but hanging light fixtures overhead anchors a ceremony space and adds a warm glow from above.

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On the Wall

wedding chandelier permanent wall mount lighting
VUE Photography

Chandeliers are generally suspended from above, but that doesn't mean you can't use them in creative ways. This display is a permanent fixture at Flourish in Atlanta, but your event designer and lighting professional could create something just as amazing at your wedding.

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Crowning Glory

wedding chandelier greek style large tent centerpiece
Abby Jiu Photography

This massive chandelier surely gave guests Greek goddess vibes. Strawberry Milk Events sourced it from Revolution Event Design, then hung it over the dance floor as the centerpiece of the entire tent.

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A True Classic

Judy Pak Photography

Five classic chandeliers and swaths of muslin were hung down the center of this tent to soften it and bring the ceiling height down.

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A Beaded Beauty

wedding first dance
KT Merry

This massive beaded chandelier, which Karson Butler Events rented from Event Revolution, needed just a small amount of fresh greenery as an accessory.

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Retro Glam

reception table
The De Jaureguis

If your reception will be set under a pergola structure, consider hanging vintage-style chandeliers over each table for a bit of glam. It will make the open-air floorplan feel more like an elegant room. Images by Lighting beautifully hung the crystal pieces at this retro-influenced celebration.

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A Modern Fixture

Sasha Gulish

What's old is new again. A bunch of vintage birdcages from Artefact Design and Salvage were transformed into chandeliers by Got Light. Consider baskets, jars, and other less traditional items to make your reception lighting one-of-a-kind.

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Clustered with Flowers

wedding chandelier with roses and greenery wood beams
5ive15ifteen Photo Company

If you crave some drama over the dance floor, here's an idea for you. At this wedding, Rachel A. Clingen hung wood-beaded chandeliers in a group and then surrounded them with a square frame of roses and greenery. Mirrored by an illustrated dance floor below, this became a statement spot for a first dance.

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A Natural Chandelier

Jose Villa

A mass of olive branches enveloped this round chandelier, which boasted white taper candles and hung over the dance floor.

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Beach Textures

elizabeth sohale wedding dominican republic tent tables
KT Merry

This couple's beachy wedding décor highlighted the textures and colors of the water and sand around the venue. Since glitzy chandeliers didn't match that aesthetic, Technical Event Company suspended clusters of handwoven lamps from the top of the tent instead.

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Going Geometric

Weddings by Sasha

Some of the best light fixtures for a wedding are similar to what you might find in your home. These hexagonal numbers reflected the couple's modern, minimal style and really let the light shine through.

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Inside Out

wedding chandelier outdoor suspended above antique furniture
Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography

Bring the inside out by setting a few stately pieces of furniture on the lawn. Suspended chandeliers ensure it feels even more like home. This grouping of small, vintage-style stunners really frames the setup.

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All Natural

wedding chandelier nature style antlers with lighting
Cameron Reynolds Photography

Audrey Hurst Events made sure this tent had plenty of mountain charm thanks to an antler chandelier rented from White Door Events.

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A Fresh Flower Trio

Alixann Loosle Photography

Getting hitched in a barn and worried it's not formal enough? Urban Chateau Floral proved that hanging floral-covered chandeliers down the middle of the aisle is all you need to do to elevate the vibe.

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A Mix of Old and New

giordana and geoffrey reception tent
Corbin Gurkin

A combination of round and cubed pale wood light fixtures replaced the traditional crystal chandelier in this reception tent.

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Big and Bold

carey jared wedding installation
Anna Shackleford

Urban Petals created this expansive floral chandelier over the main buffet table at this reception. Made of cream, pale yellow, and orange roses and dangling globes holding tealight candles, it made quite the statement.

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Hoop Dreams

wedding chandelier hoops with bright flowers and light bulbs
Finch & Oak

We love this idea by Alstonville Florist. Hoops were covered in vibrant flowers and transformed into one-of-a-kind chandeliers with a few light bulbs with exposed filaments. It's a touch of industrial in an otherwise natural space.

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An Illuminated Ceremony

wedding chandelier outdoor ceremony structure with greenery
Jose Villa

If you're lucky enough to find a rooftop spot for your ceremony—or simply don't want to block the views at your outdoor wedding—go with an exposed ceremony structure with one delicate chandelier in the middle. Bonus points if you set your recessional to coincide with the start of sunset.

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Nice Curves

Jose Villa

The crisp edges of this reception tent were softened up with curved pendants.

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A Geometric Glow

wedding chandelier glass facets with reflective light
Josh Elliott Photography

Intertwined Events worked with Inviting Occasion and Found Rentals on these modern chandeliers. A similar setup would be amazing over a simple farm table in an industrial setting, too.

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Gradient Glow

wedding chandelier fringed with added color
Julie Kay Kelly

Add color in a subtle way in the form of an ombré of fringe. This tiered creation by Rion Designs was statement-making and functional.

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Going Green

wedding chandelier iron with greenery hung with rope
Liz Banfield

JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions tapped Bob Conti of Ed Libby & Co. Events to adorn these wrought-iron chandeliers hung with rope. Softening up fixtures—whether preexisting or rented—with greenery and flowers on the vine will have an effect as beautiful as this one.

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Covered in Flowers

wedding chandelier greenery with white and pink flowers with classic lights
Paige Winn Photo

You can barely see the chandelier itself in this instance, but since the bulbs aren't covered, it'll still do its job. Boutique Planning worked with Branch Design Studio, who covered the classic fixtures in this clear-topped tent in a unique way.

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Mix and Match

wedding chandelier sleek black circle with greenery

If you want to blur the lines between traditional and modern, take a cue from this chandelier by HMR Designs. The sleek black circle was decorated with fresh greenery.

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Hanging Low

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Chris Isham

Katelyn Pinner of Katelyn Pinner Studio created this beauty, which glowed with candlelight instead of light bulbs. Without needing electricity, a chandelier-style installation can hang from just about anywhere—and get closer to the floral décor on the tables themselves.

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Globally Influenced

wedding chandelier moroccan inspired metal fixtures
Dear Wesleyann

Events by Nouveau hung Moroccan-inspired metal fixtures of all shapes and sizes at this tented reception. A similar cluster would make for an elegant ceremony structure or add a touch of sparkle over your dance floor.

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All Aglow

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Skip the bulbs and stick with candlelight. These wrought-iron halos were hung over two long tables at this intimate event.

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Drama for Days

wedding chandelier crystal with sheer draping elevated ceilings
Studio This Is Photography

If your venue's ceilings are high—better yet, they're pitched—celebrate the elevation in a dramatic way. Here, Yanni Design Studio hung sheer draping over every few feet of the ceremony aisle, with elegant crystal chandeliers tucked in. The result? This dreamy, glowing tunnel of delight.

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Going Global

wedding chandelier suspended crystal orbs and pear shaped pendants
Jessica Claire

These crystal orbs and pear-shaped pendants from Rrivre Works sparkled in the sun and twinkled at night. En masse, they certainly dazzled. Have them orbit the head table or suspend them from the peaks of your tent along with some simple greenery.

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