Learn how to "work that booty."
Miranda Kerr Met Gala Dress 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Miranda Kerr just released photos from her wedding day, and her dress was beyond gorgeous. But how does a Victoria's Secret model prep to look that good? Vogue has all the details. The magazine profiled Kerr's pre-wedding detox, which you can watch in an adorable video.

"The wedding is in T-minus two days, I've got to work that booty," shared Kerr before her nuptials. The model engaged in bridal-worthy workouts and a (mostly) healthy diet prior to her big day. Her fitness routine included lunges, lifts, and ceiling kicks-take note to target your own backside. She also made sure to get a little help from her pup, which is a foolproof way to make wedding workouts fun. "You keep distracting me from my exercise," the celeb told Teddy, but we can all see that she enjoyed his company.

For eating, Kerr had an easy rule. "80 percent healthy, 20 percent indulgent," she shared, making sure to splurge on some delicious barbeque ribs. She also sipped on yummy smoothies, made of kale, spinach, avocado, celery, and coconut water. Mindful eating was important to the model, and her diet complemented her fitness routine. We also know the bride did yoga with her hubby on the morning of her celebration-talk about commitment!

Watch the full clip over at Vogue for more pre-wedding health and wellness inspiration. The tips are great, but the personality's better-isn't Kerr just adorable?


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