23 Candle Centerpieces That Will Light Up Your Reception

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Photo: Katie Grant Photography

Illuminate your wedding reception with these glowing décor ideas.

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Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Elizabeth Austin Photography

There's just something about candle wedding centerpieces: They're timeless and classic but can easily be revamped to fit any big-day style. From pillars and tapers to votives and tea lights (in all sizes and colors!), the right candles can help enhance your tables' overall aesthetic. (A candelabra creates a traditional look while an abstract vessel is inherently modern, for example.) Beyond their décor purposes, candles can lend a signature scent to your reception, too, if you choose fragranced options—something your guests will surely appreciate. Ultimately, a candle centerpiece can set the tone for a tranquil evening through scent or aesthetics.

Candles don't need to be over-the-top or even your tabletop's focal point to make a statement, either. They can have a major impact as a smaller element of a larger, more nuanced display, like the one here by BCG Events: Floating candles were placed in, above, and around this floral and greenery-filled arrangement, adding to the overall romantic feel of the celebration.

We can understand why you'd want to recreate this scene. Just picture it: Imagine how pretty your reception space, filled with all of the people you love most in the world, would look lit up by soft candlelight. To help you make this wedding trend you're own, we've rounded up some of our favorite candle centerpiece ideas, from arrangements that include a candle or two to displays that are all about this alternative lighting option. No matter your event theme or style, you can never go wrong with a candle centerpiece.

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Shape Pairings

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Emm and Clau

Unexpected design pairings can make a table setting unique. Flowers Living proved this by placing round taupe pillars into a cube display case. The pastel color palette made the various elements feel cohesive.

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Sand Vessels

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Hunter Ryan Photography

Play up your event's beachy location, like Christine Godsey with Engaging Affairs did here, by placing candles in clear vessels filled with sand.

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Moody Granite

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Kay Kroshus

A modern candle holder can dress up a simple taper and enhance your wedding theme. Sikora Events chose these granite options, which added to this tablescape's moody aesthetic.

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Glass Displays

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Meiwen Wang Photography

Tall centerpieces can add an elegant feel to any tablescape—just make yours aren't obstructing your guests' views. Details Darling placed thin candles into elongated transparent displays to help attendees converse freely.

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Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
onelove photography

Wink Weddings proves that gold candlesticks can make any centerpiece look regal and sophisticated. The pros were able to diversify the vessels' styles by sticking with the same metallic hue throughout.

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Height Illusion

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape

To balance out the look of long banquet tables, opt for statement centerpieces with plenty of height to draw the eye upward. Ooh! Events used gold candelabras to create this illusion.

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Monochrome Shapes

modern wedding candle centerpiece
Lindsay Lazare Photography

Artsy candle holders make simple tapers more visually interesting. Claudia Gonzalez of Endlessly Lush gave this all-white reception table some edge with uniquely-shaped monochrome vessels.

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Balanced and Bold

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Valorie Darling Photography

To counteract the soft look of your tabletops' greenery and flora, try mixing in structured elements with metallic finishes. Chloe + Mint did just that by complementing a garland centerpiece by Peony + Plum with large brass candlesticks.

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Regal and Charming

long wood tables with black and clear glass tableware
Lindsey Roman Photography

These tall black tapers—Storied Events housed them in glass hurricanes—exemplify how a gothic aesthetic can feel regal and charming.

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Floral Hanging

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Chris Isham

Take your candle centerpieces to new heights by suspending them above—in addition to placing them on top of—your tabletop. Katelyn Pinner Studio did just that with this overhead installation, which featured a mix of eucalyptus, hydrangea, and tulips topped with lit candles. The makeshift chandelier spoke to the matching display on the table below.

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Intimate Glow

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Katie Grant Photography

Looking to maximize the candlelight on your tabletops? Make like Federica Beni, who marked each place setting with its own taper.

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Springy Pop

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
onelove photography

Candles can add a pop of color to your centerpieces. Just take these pink candles in gold vessels, for example—Bustle Events chose them to highlight the event's springy vibe.

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Functional Pillars

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
ali + julie

Besides looking good, candle centerpieces can be functional, too. Note how Ruffles & Tweed used pillar candles to support this rose gold table number.

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Jewel Tones

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Michelle Boyd

We love how these sapphire-hued candles play into the rest of this Kindle & Gather tabletop's jewel tones (note the emerald napkins and ruby carnations).

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Color Blocking

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Jona Christina

Color blocking is a design trend sweeping the bridal world—the motif is executed here, on this tablescape. The tablecloth and centerpiece vessels were all one shade of peach, which made a burnt orange candle from Yummi Candles pop.

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Dynamic and Dramatic

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Solie Designs

This dramatic Bixby + Pine centerpiece showcases just how dynamic candles can be. We love how the black and gold pieces were used to frame luxe table runners.

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Seasonal Shades

spring floral centerpiece with candles
Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

If your centerpieces' color palette speaks to the seasonality of your event, work in candles that reinforce the shades. The lit accents on this tabletop highlighted the Meesterlijk Groen arrangements' springy hues.

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Romantic Lighting

reception table
Abby Jiu Photography

Planning an evening reception? Candle centerpieces can be a great source of romantic lighting. Each place setting at this banquet table by Bouquets and Bows featured a tall, white taper, which created an intimate ambience.

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Enchanted Forest

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Natalie Watson Photography

These woodsy dinner tables (perfect for this couple's barn reception!) were set with flowers and hundreds of glowing candles by Jennifer Laraia Designs. The result? An "enchanted forest" look—the bride's exact intention.

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Seaside Ambience

Lauren Peele Photography

The secret ingredient to an unforgettable oceanfront wedding reception? Lots of candlelight. Meggie Francisco Events tucked marbled pillar candles into floral garlands by Bows + Arrows, which created a warm, beachy ambience.

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Simple Décor

Lang Thomas Photography

A white-and-green color palette has the benefit of making your reception feel both natural and refined. Brady & Company Events' candle centerpieces, paired with this garland arrangement by Marti Heard Designs, are proof.

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Matching Elements

Belathée Photography

Candle centerpieces can be used to tie together different parts of your tablescape. Sitting in a Tree Events chose pink tapers to match these placemats and white vessels to complement the tablecloth.

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