23 Unique Wedding Color Palettes That Will Set Your Big Day Apart

unique wedding color palettes pink table setting outdoors
Photo: Anna Delores Photography

If you're in the preliminary phase of planning a nontraditional, contemporary wedding, you've likely already curated quite the Pinterest board. While the décor elements you've collected might differ, there might be one quality they share—unexpected, unique color palettes. Let that commonality be a lesson: Surprising color combinations have the power to transform even the most classic element into something entirely new. Not sure how to pair or triple up on shades that achieve this? We took it upon ourselves to play the role of artist to help you on your search.

We mixed and matched a broad range of options, including cheerful brights, moody jewel tones, and muted earth shades, to showcase how even the most unlikely hues can work in tandem. As for one of our favorite combos? We're particularly fond of the sage green and mustard vendor thank-you display seen here, which was created by Lovelyfest Event Design. Notice how the color transition from yellow to green is broken up by a strip of neutral cream (which was repeated again through the signs' fringe accents!). It's a neat trick: If switching colors ever feels too stark, introducing a neutral middle hue will help meld the divergent shades together.

Of course, that wasn't our only favorite combination of the bunch. From lilac and burgundy to blush and chartreuse palettes, there are so many ways to play with color on your big day. Click through for the ultimate dose of unique wedding color palettes.

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Navy and Emerald

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
Michelle Boyd

Jewel-tone lovers, this one's for you. Kindle & Gather created this sapphire-and-emerald tablescape, which also subtly referenced ruby (another gemstone!) through planner Bristol Lane's loose scattering of carnations and roses. A pale blue runner added a degree of lightness to the saturated décor details.

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Rust and Cream

unique wedding color palettes burnt orange suit pink white flowers
Dawn Charles

Planning an autumnal wedding? Consider a burnt orange and off-white color palette, which is a modern nod to the season. You can introduce the colorways through your fashion choices (this grooms' rust tux by Topman is a prime example), but the combination is just as becoming for florals (as evidenced by the cream rose and orange ribbon pairing in this Good Seed Floral bouquet).

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Cerulean, Peach, and Pink

unique wedding color palette bride in front of bright blue door
Rossini Photography

Get inspired by the color palette of Mykonos—especially if you're planning a destination wedding in the Mediterranean. This bridal portrait, from the cerulean door backdrop, to the peach and pink florals by Chiara Sciuto, makes a case for Grecian brights.

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The New Pink and Purple

unique wedding color palettes pink table setting outdoors
Anna Delores Photography

This feminine color palette, displayed on a tablescape by Andrew Evans and Wild Heart Event, would be better described as a color family. We love the use of a pink gradient (blush and muted coral!) in conjunction with lavender, which translates through individual runners. Also noteworthy? The soft yellow runner on the far side of the table, which ties the entire palette back to the table's gold edges and metal chairs.

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Peach and Mint

unique wedding color palettes couple kissing in front of pink vintage volkswagen bus
Rachel Craig Photography

Soft and mellow, peach and mint—expressed here with a retro party bus and pretty storefront—is a combination that feels like a new interpretation of "his" and "hers."

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Candy Pink and Chartreuse

unique wedding color palettes blush pink yellow green invitation suite
Photos by Heart

If you're getting hitched in the spring, but want to put a twist on the traditional garden-themed celebration, consider amped-up versions of the season's classic hues. Take this candy pink (instead of blush!), gold-flecked invitation suite by The North Paper Co., for example. Paired with a chartreuse (not kelly green!) Tono & Co. ribbon, the paper set exemplifies how choosing slightly different hues can modernize a still-seasonal palette.

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Violet and Crimson

unique wedding color palettes deep red purple pink table setting
Divine Light Photography

Notice how the shades used throughout this Color Pop Events tabletop appear multiple times. Magenta candles reference the violet runner; crimson candles match the ruby goblets. This cohesion allows you to play freely with bold color—without overwhelming the space.

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Slate and Jet

unique wedding color palettes blue and blush table setting
Anna Delores Photography

Black isn't necessarily an overwhelming wedding color, which means the color you choose to pair it with holds all the power. Consider linking up jet (how cool are these matte black dinner plates, arranged by Lovelyfest Event Design?) with a bluer version of slate for a moody-meets-earthy combination that feels so contemporary.

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Pink, Blue, and Silver

unique wedding color blue and pink floral garlands on table setting in southwest america
Elias Kordelakos

Another way to upgrade a relatively-classic color palette? Add in a metallic. This DeplanV pink peony and blue hydrangea garland popped even more thanks to the reflective silver table below.

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Burnt Orange and Baby Pink

unique wedding color palettes orange pink cream bouquet
Dana Fernandez

Just when you thought that you couldn't combine a bright pastel with a muted earth tone, Mibellarosa went and put together the dreamiest bouquet that clearly proves otherwise.

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Coral and Kelly Green

unique wedding color palette green and coral invitations with tropical leaf
Sanaz Photography

Name a more tropical color pairing than coral and green (as evidenced by this unique invite suite by Creative Works Design). We'll wait.

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Green and Black

unique wedding color palettes black wedding dress
Kevin Chin

Move over black and white, black and green is the new-wave, nature-inspired dynamic duo you've been waiting for. We love how this bride's black Tara LaTour wedding dress adds a degree of mystery to romantic vine work by Nancy Liu Chin.

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Tonal Reds and Greens

unique wedding color palette red chair by window red bouquet
Ross Kyker

Note all the subtly-different shades of red used throughout this tropical orchid clutch from Hobby Lobby. The secret to adding in green, without turning the palette into a Christmas cliché? Use just a touch.

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Plum and Lavender

micah jason wedding grooms same sex jewish
Someplace Wild

Purple power! Pair lavender with a darker iteration, like plum or burgundy, for a mod-twist on monochrome. These grooms' Michael Andrews Bespoke '70s-style suits prove that the combination is a true winner.

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Magenta and Sky Blue

winter wedding cakes kayla barker
Kayla Barker

The best part of this eye-grabbing duo? It's appropriate for all times of the year (winter included!), as evidenced by this floral-adorned confection by Layered. Despite all the fresh accents, it feels muted enough for the colder months.

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Salmon and Pink

molly adam wedding rings
Marissa Maharaj

This ring box and bloom flat-lay offers another fun spin on the monochrome trend. Salmon and hot pink both exist within the red family, which is why they work so well together.

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Orange, Mustard, and Green

amanda william wedding tennessee floral arch
Cassidy Carson Photography

Who knew that orange and mustard could play so nicely with green? Petal and Pine illustrated the power of the trio through this dahlia, garden rose, and greenery ceremony arch.

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Purple and Gold

amanda william wedding tennessee purple bridesmaids
Cassidy Carson Photography

If you love a good ombré but want to elevate your color theme to new heights, punctuate the gradient with a pop of gold. Working with a purple base? Channel this lavender-, plum-, and pink-clad bridal party, whose maid of honor stood out in a shiny metallic Jenny Yoo number.

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Hot Pink and Yellow

alessa andrew wedding centerpiece
Meg Smith

Pair hot pink with yellow (a combination that was brought to life via blooms by Jenna Lam Events) and you'll easily be known as the couple with the brightest, most cheerful wedding of the year.

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Yellow and Aquamarine

ali mark wedding new york bouquet
Samm Blake

Love yellow, but want even more of a contrast? Make like Putnam & Putnam, who worked in a bright pop of aquamarine to a beribboned yellow foxglove, peonies, spirea, and ranunculus bouquet.

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Fuchsia and Violet

NBarrett Photography

Fuchsia, violet, and coral florals by Bows and Arrows adorn this whimsical, teepee-inspired wedding arch—the rugs below act as an aisle and echo the same shades.

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Aqua and Peach

Long Reception Table with Red Flower Arrangements
Corbin Gurkin

Colors don't need to be rich to make an impact. Peach and aqua bring the best of both warm and cool colors. Case in point: This calming aqua reception table, which sat pretty against a peach Italian patio.

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Lavender and Teal

The McCartneys Photography

This pretty accessories shot shows off this a rich palette that's perfect for cooler months. The bride's grandmother's purple and blue floral hankerchief plays prettily with her purple velvet ring box.

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