The Prettiest Spring Wedding Centerpieces

marianne patrick wedding banquet table
Lacie Hansen Photography

Spring's natural bounty is arguably the most stunning of all, which is why so many brides and grooms are drawn to wedding dates in the season. Fresh flowers abound, which makes them easier (and, in many cases, more affordable) to include in your celebration. Combine that with the fact that springtime's colors and floral scents are lovely, too, and it's no wonder that spring wedding centerpieces are particularly beautiful. To prove that point, we've put together a list of some of our favorite arrangements made for weddings taking place in March, April, May, or June.

Among springtime's most beloved blooms are nuptial favorites like peonies and lilies of the valley. Other popular picks include daffodils, tulips, lilacs, sweet peas, and ranunculus—all of which are featured ahead. Flowering trees like cherry blossoms and dogwoods are also embraced in many springtime celebrations, so we've also included ideas featuring those elements here. As for the color palettes that you'll find in our gallery, expect pastels and vibrant hues alike. Unsurprisingly, shades of pink, yellow, and purple are prominent.

Before you plan the arrangements for your own reception tables, click through these examples for ample inspiration. Designed by some of the industry's top florists and featuring some of spring's best flowers and shades, they're bound to take your breath away. Once you see something that speaks to your vision, share it with the professional that you're working with. Together, you can brainstorm ways to make the idea your own. Now go ahead and soak up all of the beauty!

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White Centerpieces

white floral centerpiece
Rebecca Yale Photography

This natural arrangement featured white cherry blossoms, whose branches contributed to the organic look, clematis, and roses. Of the Flowers designed the centerpiece.

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Cluster Centerpieces

yellow floral centerpiece
Sarah Ingram

Fill your tables with cluster centerpieces (like these from Colonial House of Flowers) for a fresh-picked feel. Cheerful shades of yellow and orange are great for symbolizing spring, as are tulips and ranunculus, which were used here.

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Seasonal Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces
Lacie Hansen Photography

These Natalie Bowen Designs assortments were bursting with seasonal flora, including tulips, lilacs, and daffodils. The fragrant blend smelled like spring, too, thanks to fragrant clusters of alyssum.

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Romantic Centerpieces

pink red floral centerpiece
Michelle Beller Photography

Romantic shades, like soft purple, dusty rose, and red, feel surprisingly springy when mixed with yellow. This arrangement of ranunculus, sweet peas, alliums, and roses was crafted by Rockrose Floral.

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Peony Centerpieces

pink centerpiece
Levi Stolove Photography

Nothing says spring like the lushest of peonies, similar to the pink one showcased in this G! Designs centerpiece.

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Unique Centerpieces

bright spring centerpiece
My Sun & Stars Co.

We love the idea of flower runners composed of unique buds. My Sun and Stars Floral Design dreamt up this lively design.

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Ranunculus Centerpieces

marianne patrick reception place setting
Lacie Hansen Photography

How pretty was this Wilder Floral Co. centerpiece, filled with white sweet peas and peach, coral, and cream ranunculus and roses?

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Tulip Centerpieces

spring centerpiece
Maggie Conley Photography

This sprawling Hana Floral Design arrangement proved that colorful blends look oh-so fresh. Peonies, delphinium, and tulips were just some of the stars in the blue, orange, and pink creation.

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Small Centerpieces

pink centerpiece candles
Marta Locklear

A little sweet pea, ranunculus, and anemone assortment like this Wicked Willow one is just that—sweet.

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Lily of the Valley Centerpieces

white floral centerpiece
Julie Dreelin Beach Productions

Lilies of the valley are classic wedding flowers, and can't you see why? The tiny white buds are understated and elegant, as shown in this Bells and Whistles centerpiece.

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Cherry Blossom Centerpieces

pink flower centerpiece
Cassi Claire

Bubblegum-colored cherry blossoms are stunning all on their own, thanks to the long branches that make this flowering tree a good choice for tall arrangements. Pedestals Floral Decorators designed this simple yet statement-making display.

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Candle Centerpieces

spring floral centerpiece with candles
Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Pair spring blooms with candles that match for an even more stunning tablescape, like this Meesterlijk Groen design.

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Bright Centerpieces

giordana and geoffrey centerpiece
Corbin Gurkin

For fun centerpieces, mix traditional spring flowers, like peonies and tulips, with creative additions, like succulents and coxcomb, which is what John Lupton Events did here.

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Mixed Centerpieces

yellow flower centerpiece
Heather Nan

Sarah Winward chose the most charming yellow and pink flowers for this rustic reception table.

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Lush Centerpieces

spring floral centerpiece
Isabelle Selby Photography

Can you tell that we can't get enough of cherry blossoms? Just look at how versatile they are. At this wedding, the branches were arranged alongside lilacs by Sachi Rose.

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Sweet Pea Centerpieces

floral centerpiece
Julie Wilhite Photography

This recepetion featured a springtime color palette of purple, yellow, red, and pink. Dreamy sweet peas sprouted out of the Clementine centerpieces.

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Dogwood Centerpieces

white floral centerpiece
Sally Pinera

When dogwood trees bloom, you know that spring's arrived, which is why their flowers are so joyful. The Foraged Fern crafted this seasonal assortment using the white flora.

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Dreamy Centerpieces

charla jesse wedding table and centerpiece
Apryl Ann Photography

In-season peonies and roses took center stage in this event's The Southern Table centerpieces.

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Wildflower Centerpieces

rebecca clay rehearsal dinner centerpiece
Kayla Barker

Local wildflowers combined with cheerful peonies for these casual arrangements by Bows + Arrows.

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