It may be the wedding of the year but some revelers will head for the exit before the party's over.

adrienne cameron wedding guests raising a toast in crypt

The reception's in full swing—everyone is dancing, drinking, laughing. You couldn't have asked for a better celebration. But then, just as the crowd is going crazy to "Shout," you see two friends slinking out the front door. Where are they going? Are they leaving? Why? There are many reasons, and none of them have anything to do with how much fun they're having at your wedding.

They've got to get home to the kids.

They told the babysitter they'd be back by midnight and, even though they're having a great time at your reception, they've got to honor their promise.

It's too loud.

Not everyone enjoys deafening music, especially if they're not dancing. Ask your DJ or band about the audio setup they're planning: It should be appropriate for the reception room's size and acoustics, not mimic the setup at a Cardi B concert.

They've got work tomorrow.

While most guests likely work during the week and can sleep in the next day after a Saturday night wedding, there are plenty of people who have weekend jobs, like nurses, restaurant workers, and small business owners. Don't begrudge them their 40 winks.

They fear getting caught up in a bottleneck.

If you're having a big wedding with 200 guests, getting out of the parking lot could be delayed if everyone left at the same time. While the delay might only be a few minutes, some people have no patience, and beating everyone out of the parking lot is their solution.

They've got a long drive.

You were thrilled they made it to the wedding. Wish them safe travels as they journey home.

They can't stay up late.

Whether toddlers or an over-40 crowd, not everyone has the energy for staying up until the wee hours. Some will get a second wind but for those who are visibly yawning, give them a kiss goodnight and send the sleepyheads on their way.

You already cut the cake.

At some weddings, cutting the cake right after dinner signals to certain folks that the "official" reception is ending, and the dancing begins. Time to escape!


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