The Fab Five help plan one epic engagement during season two of the Netflix reboot.
Queer Eye Season Two Sneak Peek, Engagement Ring Shopping

If you're a fan of Queer Eye, you know that the show is predicated on helping men and women change their lives for the better. We saw so many emotional, breakthrough moments in the first season of the Netflix reboot, and there's plenty more to come. Case in point: The second season features an epic proposal, which was brought to fruition by Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness, otherwise known as the Fab Five.

Didn't binge-watch the entire season this past weekend? Then consider this your official spoiler warning. These clips show the Queer Eye cast helping William, a future groom shop for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend, Sharon. While the Fab Five offer some guidance, the man knows what his future-fiancée wants, from the ring shape (round!) to the setting (infinity!), to her ring size ("Seven-and-three-quarters!"). France, along with the rest of his co-stars, is seriously impressed and touched by his ability to rattle off her measurements. "I love that you know that," he says in the clip. "How the heck do you just know that?"

Brown then takes over to help him plan the ultimate surprise proposal for his bride-to-be. The second video, which was filmed at a public amphitheater, shows William (now freshly made-over and dressed to the nines in a white tux) on a black-and-white screen, lamenting over the limitations of the word "love." After asking, "Why isn't there a word that means more than love?" he runs out from behind the stage, a ring box in hand, to find Sharon in the crowd.

"Everything in my life has brought me to you," he says, taking her hands. "All my regrets, all my choices, all my tears. I wouldn't change a thing." Much to delight of the crowd (and the Fab Five, who are watching this take place over a live stream!), he then asks her to be his wife and presents her with a ring. Naturally, she accepts. Ready to see the episode's entirety? You're in luck. Queer Eye's second season, which debuted on Friday, June 15, is currently streaming on Netflix.


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