Don't forget about free time!
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Are you tasked with honoring your bestie with a bridal shower and a bachelorette party? Does she want her pre-wedding celebrations to take place over one weekend? How exciting (and overwhelming)! Luckily, we're here for you. It's easier than you'd imagine to pull off the perfect celebratory weekend. Use these tips to make your bride's weekend smooth and successful.

Make it all about the bride.

Is your friend shy? Keep it small and intimate. A party girl? Go for the big blowout. The key is finding the details that speak to her likes, whether it's a girly tea party, a sophisticated soirée, or a laidback BBQ. "Your guests will love being in on something that truly celebrates the honoree," says Sarah Tivel of GATHER events in Los Angeles and Seattle.

Fit in free time.

It's tempting to fill every minute of the weekend with events, but think twice before overbooking. "Jam-packed itineraries can often lead to exhausted meltdowns that are no good for anyone," says Tivel. With downtime built into the schedule, everyone will happier and ready to enjoy the planned events.

Choose two separate venues.

"Host the bridal shower somewhere other than where you're staying for the bachelorette, whether that's an outdoor patio at a restaurant or someone's home," say Erin Sprinkel and Angela Tormey Margolis of Sterling Social in Los Angeles. Why? It's a great way to keep things fresh and more exciting for the guests.

Plan a long weekend.

A Saturday and Sunday with back-to-back events can be a lot. Instead, plan for a Thursday to Sunday to allow for plenty of time for everything. Sprinkel and Margolis recommend having the bachelorette party Thursday through Saturday with the bridal shower planned for Sunday. "This way everyone has their fun, and you can focus on one event at a time," they say.

Balance the events.

The key to a weekend of fun is planning a bridal shower and bachelorette that complement one another. If one is high energy, consider keeping the other low-key. Tivel recommends blending a wild pool party bachelorette with a relaxed bridal shower brunch.

Play with the décor.

When planning two events in one weekend, décor can be a great way to differentiate the two. Sprinkel and Margolis recommend planning a playful, girly bachelorette party, then going sophisticated for the bridal shower with beautiful florals, classy table settings, and other special touches.


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