The designer walked us through his latest creations.

By Sarah Schreiber
April 23, 2018

The amount of prep work that goes into Bridal Fashion Week is unfathomable. While we usually get to see just the finished products-the beautiful selection of wedding dresses sent down New York City runways-these gowns are the results of months of long, hard work. To make this process accessible to the bride-to-be, designer Naeem Khan gave us an inside look at his process just days before debuting his Spring 2019 wedding dress collection.

If you're a fan of the visionary's creations, seeing him work and finalize his newest looks will make you appreciate his designs even more. That's exactly how we felt after we brought our cameras into the designer's studio, where we watched him apply those finishing touches and make last-minute changes to his latest bold, creative wedding dresses. Even better? We were able to sit down with Khan, who talked to us about this season's inspiration and revealed what designing for brides means to him.

"Bridal has become a very passionate thing for me because the girl who wears this, it's the most important and happy day of her life," he explained. "If she chooses my dress to make her happy, it makes me happy. So, when I'm designing bridal, I feel happy." He also said that he had several muses in mind when designing this particular collection, which was partly informed by the 1970s rock star: "The women who inspired me were Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, and Madonna."

Learn more about the designer's newest fashions in the video above and be sure to check back in for more backstage access and expert interviews, courtesy of our Unveiled series.


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