It's been three months since their August wedding, but we're still not done obsessing over Jennifer and Justin's love story. Here, the reasons we think they're winning at marriage.
Credit: Jason Merritt

Before tying the knot at an intimate backyard wedding in August, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met on the set of Wanderlust. Jennifer has said that Justin is "the best thing to happen in this decade," and from what we can tell, marriage has only enhanced their romance-here's why:

They're Super Private

We still don't know much about their big day, and as much as that kills us, we kind of love it. When Entertainment Tonight pressed her for details, Jennifer replied, "I'm not telling you about any of that stuff! … We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful, private moment. And I'm going to be selfish and keep it that way."

… Yet Adorably Affectionate

In their public, post-wedding appearances, the actors have gotten close, with Justin warmly putting his arm around her and Jennifer resting her head on his shoulder-the simple kinds of touches known to keep the spark alive. "Jen and Justin are very happy," an insider told People. "They still act like they are in the honeymoon phase."

How to Extend the Honeymoon Phase

They Make Time for Date Night

Though they both balance busy work lives-not to mention Justin's avid gaming hobby-the stars have continued dating, even after getting married. "We do dinner almost every night, together exclusively," Justin told ET. "Movie nights, date nights, we have a couple friends who come over for movie nights."

… And Never Stop Appreciating Each Other

The compliment Justin most often gives Jen? "She's beautiful," the actor and writer revealed to ET. "Not to be corny, but it's true," he said. "So I constantly say that."

And Jennifer feels the same way (duh): "He's just so beautiful and handsome to me," she said to Women's Wear Daily in July of 2014. "Those eyes just knock me out every day … He just gets better every year. He's just like a lost gem in the sand, and he's just always been there and been brilliant, and now this is just in a different light." Say it with us, now: Awww!


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