For a low-maintenance, yet very polished and elegant look, try a high shine buff manicure for your upcoming wedding. This is especially great for brides planning destination weddings, where access to salons may be limited. Huge plus–you don't have to worry about chips or less-than-perfect nails. Also, this is a truly easy DIY since it doesn't require expert polishing skills!
Credit: Hortus


  • Nail brush
  • Nail clippers
  • Fine grit nail file (a glass file is easy to clean and a great sustainable choice)
  • Two-sided buffer with a very fine grit on one side and a smooth side for shining
  • Your favorite nourishing oil or lotion
Neutral Nail Polishes to Wear to a Wedding This Summer
Credit: Hortus


1. Always start with clean, dry nails when cutting and shaping your nails to desired length and shape. For bare nails, it's best to stick with a shorter and natural shape. Make sure to use a fine grit file to gently shape nails to keep them smooth and snag free.

2. Using a nail brush, wash hands in warm water using a mild soap. While skin is damp, use the brush to gently clean around your cuticles and under the nails. This step helps to remove the dry skin and debris build up around the cuticles and under the nails.

3. Dry hands and nails and remove any hangnails that can potentially catch and irritate skin.

4. Prep your nails by removing all oils. This allows for a super high-shine buff. You can use polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or even white vinegar. Using the fine grit side of the buffer, gently buff to even out nail surface. No need to over-buff, so keep this step to a minimum. Overzealous buffing will thin out your nails. Then using the smooth side, buff them to a high shine. You can maintain shine by using the smooth side of the buffer on clean, dry nails.

5. Apply a few drops of oil or lotion and massage it into your hands, cuticles, and nails. Even simple oils from the pantry work well. A mix of organic oils such as grapeseed and/or safflower with coconut oil is light yet deeply hydrating. For drier skin, olive oil and castor oil make a great addition to the mix.


Keep them clean and moisturized! Use your nailbrush regularly to keep nails and cuticles neat and tidy. This removes dry skin and debris and allows oils and lotions to absorb better. Have your nail file handy to keep them even and smooth. There is no hiding when nails are bare, so keep then well-groomed, maintained, and healthy.


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