Don't panic—you have options!
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What's a bride to do when she falls in love with a wedding band, but it won't work with her engagement ring? Does she need to choose a different wedding band, or—worse!—reset her engagement ring? We spoke with two jewelers to find out exactly what the options are for dealing with bands that are not as compatible as you and your future spouse.

Visit a Private Jeweler

Dan Moran, a private jeweler and diamond expert with Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles, explains that you first stop should be the internet, but your second should be an expert. "Apart from scouring the internet for ideas on what to do with your band, consider consulting with a private jeweler on what to do." Moran explains that private jewelers, and their products, are significantly different than the ones you can visit at chain retailers in the mall. The rings in those stores are typically mass-produced with aerated metal—meaning that the manufacturers have pumped the jewelry full of air, leaving less room for precious metal content—the result is porous, poorly constructed rings that may not withstand the test of time or any necessary adjustments. Private jewelers on the other hand are known for custom making all of their pieces, and are often certified and trained experts. That means they may have more knowledge about alterations you can make in order to make your ring work.

Creative Alternatives

Of course, in today's world mismatched jewelry and offset pieces can sometimes offer a more boutique look to your set. Brides may not mind a set that isn't perfectly matched. And if you are in love with both your wedding band and your engagement ring and can't imagine being happy with either of them being changed in the slightest, consider wearing them separately. Maybe save your engagement ring for more formal affairs, or else wear one band on your right hand and the other on your life. There are plenty of options if your heart is set on the rings you already have. You don't always have to change them to make the set match.

Plan Ahead

If you start shopping with your wedding band in mind, you can have a set created that works perfectly together. "A wedding band can be designed to sit well with any engagement ring if custom made to match the height, profile, and curvature of the engagement ring. That being said, many brides prefer a wedding band without a curve in it and in that case, it's best to approach the engagement ring design with this in mind," says Jonathan Goldberg, President & CEO of Kimberfire. "As long as the band of the engagement ring is straight and there is enough clearance under the prongs of the center stone then a wedding band should always be able to be designed to sit straight and flush with it."


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