Hear how his wife swam into the athlete's heart.
Michael Phelps Nicole Johnson and son Boomer at Olympics
Credit: Nicole Johnson via Instagram

While attending the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, Michael Phelps took time to honor his family, made up of wife Nicole Johnson and their son, baby Boomer. The athlete gave an update on little Boomer's progress, and shared the sweet story of how he and Johnson met.

The swimmer, who was honored with Best Record Breaking Performance and Best Male U.S. Olympic Athlete awards, joked about showing his son his new trophies. "I'm excited to bring this home to Booms," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't think he's really ever seen one and now he's getting older, so he might try to pick it up." Then, the athletic star considered a bit further: "He might try to hit me with it," Phelps admitted. "He just picks things up and just starts hitting things, so maybe I'll just show it to him and not give it to him yet."

After gushing over Boomer some more ("For me, watching Boomer every day and watching him grow up literally in front of my eyes … it's really awesome"), Phelps turned to his wife. "My wife was my escort here 10 years ago, [when] she was working with ESPN. It's funny, she always tells the story like, 'I wanted somebody different,' and I was like, 'Oh thanks honey, really, really like that,'" he laughed. "She's like, 'Everything works out for a reason.' And, you know, we've been together on and off for 10 years and now we have a beautiful son together and we are very happy."

The Olympian also added that the event fell on Johnson's birthday, ensuring the couple would "have a good night." These ESPYs marked the first time the pair's been back to the ceremony together. Congrats on the new hardware, and congrats on the adorable family, Phelps!


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