She one-upped his hilarious post.
Credit: Michael Stewart

Everyone knows that Ryan Reynolds is a jokester-the star's as famous for his funny tweets as he is for his acting. But he isn't the only one with a sense of humor in his relationship. To get back at her husband for a prank he pulled on her birthday, Blake Lively posted a joke post of her own for his.

Like many celebrities, the actress took to Instagram to commemorate her spouse's big day. But instead of posting a cute photo of Reynolds or a photo of them as a pair, she chose to share a snapshot of him with Ryan Gosling. The image is cropped so that Reynolds is barely visible, and Gosling takes up the bulk of the frame. "Happy Birthday, baby," Lively captioned the 'gram.

Lively's joke was a direct reference to what Reynolds posted for her birthday a couple of months ago. Then, the actor shared a photo of the couple, but cropped Lively out almost completely. "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife," his caption read.

As expected, Reynolds used his birthday to crack some jokes, too. "My kids tried to surprise me for my birthday this morning," he wrote on Twitter. "I totally heard them coming and snuck out to start a new life somewhere else." Lively recently shared that she rarely reads Reynolds tweets, but has previously confirmed something pretty obvious-the stories in them are all fabricated. Nonetheless, the actress finds her husband's comedian side "so funny."


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