It's not as hard as you think.

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The last thing you want to see as you're looking through your wedding photos are images of your guests either taking their own smartphone snapshots or staring down at the screen checking out the picture they just took. You hired a wedding photographer to capture the day, so you don't need your guests to play paparazzi, too. If you want to ensure that your guests remain entirely present during the ceremony and that there's a limited number of photos released on social media before you and you partner even cut the cake, you may want to consider a social media band. Here's a few ways to politely let your guests know that your nuptials are not about to go viral.

Let Them Know on the Invite or Wedding Program

Simply leave a message at the bottom of your wedding invitation letting your guests know to refrain from posting pictures on social media. You don't need a further explanation, it's your wedding day. Guests should be respectful of what you're asking of them. An invite or program is something you know they are reading, they won't miss it here.

Enlist Your Ushers

Your guests may have seen the message denoting your unplugged wedding, but there's nothing like a gentle reminder just before the ceremony begins to help drive the message home. As your ushers guide guests to their seats, ask them to kindly reiterate that the couple has asked that attendees avoid taking photos, and to not share anything they do take on social media.

No Hashtag, No Snapchat Filter

It's all the rage right now to have your own wedding hashtag. If you're asking your guests to not be on social media and post photos of the wedding, that means you and your partner need to follow the rules, too. Creating a hashtag is asking for others to use it as well. A Snapchat filter will also encourage social media use, so if you want either of these things, you should give your ban a second thought.

Accept the Fact That It May Still Happen

Ultimately, everyone is obsessed with their phones and sharing the next picture to get 100 likes. Don't let it ruin your day if you find that someone has broken the rule. At the end of the day, if you cut down on most of the social media sharing, it's a win for you.


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