Be prepared for any mini emergency.

Despite meticulous planning, a bride can't predict all the mini emergencies that may pop up on her wedding day. The good news is that these unexpected situations-whether it's smudged mascara, sweaty underarm stains, persistent blisters, or an untimely hunger attack-don't need to spell disaster. By preparing for unforeseen circumstances, a bride can stay stress-free throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Here are 12 things every bride should have to ensure the big day runs smoothly.

Quick Wardrobe Fixes

All brides worry about a wardrobe malfunction, but ripped sleeves and torn seams can be quickly fixed when you have the right tools on hand. Namely, a sewing kit and double-sided tape. Make sure your sewing kit has white thread to blend into the dress, as well as needles, buttons, safety pins, and a mini pair of scissors.

Makeup Touch-Ups

Your gorgeous bridal makeup can start to look less-than-perfect throughout the day thanks to unexpected crying and sweating. Remember to keep makeup remover wipes and Q-tips on hand to clean up smudged mascara and creased concealer. Blotting papers also help to get rid of excess oil on the face.

Stain Removers

Every bride should enjoy the food and drinks at her wedding, and if she has white chalk and a stain remover pen, she won't need to worry about spills and smears. If a stain does happen, apply a stain remover pen as soon as possible-testing first in an inconspicuous spot to prevent discoloration. Then cover any remaining marks with white chalk, which will disguise the stain against the white fabric.


Amidst the excitement, some brides may forget to apply deodorant on the morning of the wedding. Even if you do remember, sweaty spells from nerves or hot temperatures may warrant a touch-up. Bring a stick of well-performing deodorant to ensure dry armpits and keep the sweat stains at bay.

A Small Snack

Given the long to-do list on a wedding day, a bride may not prioritize eating. Skipping lunch can lead to irritating hunger pangs during the ceremony or photo session. Always keep a small snack like a granola bar on hand, and don't forget the water bottle!


Let's face it: Those gorgeous (and expensive) bridal high heels can torture your feet. Put clear band-aids on any pesky blisters that pop up during the night to provide some relief for dancing and mingling. Consider keeping a blister treatment kit on hand as well.


A well-stocked supply of medication can prepare for any unexpected health issues, like a headache, stomach pain, or period cramps. Keep a little kit of your preferred pain-relieving medication and an antacid on hand throughout the day. For spring and summer brides, allergy medication wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Bobby Pins

In addition to holding a veil in place, bobby pins can quickly solve any hair issue-whether it's a few loose strands or a lopsided braid. Make sure to pack a few of these handy helpers in your makeup bag.


Pesky stray hairs that pop up moments before the ceremony won't stand a chance against your emergency tweezers. The versatile beauty tool can help with other tasks as well, like applying false eyelashes and de-clumping mascara.

Extra Nail Polish

A chipped nail stands out like a sore thumb on a freshly painted manicure. Bring along a bottle of nail polish that matches your manicure color in case you need a day-of touch up.

Earring Backs

If you're wearing earrings as part of your bridal ensemble, bring an extra set of earring backs. Having spares on hand ensures the jewelry won't be rendered useless if one back falls off or gets lost in the bridal suite.


Whether you forgot to brush your teeth (it happens!) or indulged in a garlicky bagel at breakfast, you'll be grateful for breath fresheners on the big day. Pop a mint before mingling with guests and before walking down the aisle, ensuring your first kiss with your new husband is minty fresh!


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