Help your inner circle get to know each other leading up to the big day!

1. Create a Facebook Group

Sidestep awkward introductions by creating a Facebook group (or group text message) that all of your 'maids can join. The women can chat online, eliminating the need to coordinate meeting times around busy schedules. A virtual gathering place will be especially useful for any out-of-towners who can't always get together.

2. Host a "Nostalgia Night"

If you want your bridal party to bond, you need to give them something to bond over. Round up childhood snacks like Cosmic Brownies or Gushers, and pop in a classic movie-think Clueless or Pretty in Pink. A trip down memory lane will get everyone talking and laughing in no time.

3. Throw a Crafting Party

Incorporating DIY decorations into your reception saves money and adds a homemade flair to the festivities. Invite your bridesmaids over for a night of crafting and DIY-ing, with drinks and appetizers included. Whether you decide to make candy-filled favor boxes or glittery escort cards, everyone will bond over a shared hands-on activity.

4. Embark on a Girls' Day Out

No one in your bridal party will be able to resist a girls' day out, complete with a boozy brunch and a pampering session. Reserve manicures and pedicures for all of your bridesmaids, or head over to the spa for relaxing facials and massages.

5. Test Some Cocktail Recipes

Nowadays, his and her signature drinks are the norm during cocktail hour. Choosing a beverage to dub your "signature" can be tough, so get your bridal party involved in the decision. Whip up batches of some possible drink contenders and then conduct a taste test with your bridesmaids. The most popular cocktail will nab a place at your wedding!

6. Shop for Your Dream Dress

When picking out the most important dress of your life, you're going to want reinforcement. Give your bridal party a front row seat in your one-woman bridal gown fashion show. Just make sure you have an idea of the cut and color of dress you want beforehand so you aren't flustered by conflicting opinions.

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7. Sign Up for a Floral Arrangement Class

Channel your inner flower child by signing up for a floral arrangement class with your 'maids. You'll pick up the skills to make your own bouquets for the wedding-and maybe even the centerpieces, too!

8. Take a Wine-Filled Weekend Getaway

If your bridal party includes some out-of-towners, consider arranging a weekend getaway at a winery. Discussing topics unrelated to your wedding-while tasting delicious wines-will allow the women to know each other on a more personal level.

9. Get Dolled Up for a Photoshoot

Why wait until the big day to snap pretty pictures? Capture pre-wedding memories by hiring a photographer to take portraits of your bridal party. You can even get dolled up for the event with professional makeup and hair styling. Your bridesmaids will love the glam session, and the pictures will make adorable post-wedding thank-you gifts.

10. Dance the Night Away

Enroll yourself, and any willing bridesmaids, in a private dance lesson at a local studio. The lighthearted exercise will eliminate pre-wedding stress, and you'll be ready to bust some moves at the reception. Cha cha, anyone?


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