Here's How to Plan a '90s-Themed Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

The key ingredient? Everything holographic.

There's nothing like a good theme, especially when you're choosing one for a pre-wedding party. A theme we're loving for just about any event? Elevated '90s décor. And there's no better way to show off such a fun subject than to weave it into your celebration's tabletop design. To prove just how versatile (and pretty) a '90s-themed party can be, we asked Chris Hessney of Hessney & Co. to help us create a throwback tablescape and some next-level blooms. Don't worry, though-he left the over-the-top neon aesthetic in the (very distant) past.

Want to recreate this look for your upcoming bachelorette party or bridal shower? Follow Hessney's steps to achieve the look. After covering tables and chairs from Luxe Event Rentals with reflective cellophane, he filled the center of the table with lush florals in shades of purple and pink that highlight the wrapping's rainbow shades. Next, he added metallic dinnerware (he used these reflective plates from The TableTop Company) and translucent glassware. We loved how LSA International's barely-there Champagne coups and decorative vases blended into the colorful backdrop.

The holographic silverware and CD-ROM (remember those?) menus, which were calligraphed by Jayme Pignatello of Tiny Inker, completed the look. Like us, Hessney knows that no party is complete without the perfect favor, so he suggests sending guests home with a statement piece that screams the '90s. Is there anything that better exemplifies this than the fanny pack? Make them iridescent and monogrammed for added flair and don't be surprised if your girls show pull them out during the wedding reception.

The final result? A '90s-inspired tabletop that's undeniably fun and fit for a bride. To see this gorgeous setting come to life, be sure to watch the full video above.

The Details: Styling and floral design by Hessney & Co. Dinnerware by The TableTop Company. Glassware and vases by LSA International. Calligraphy by Jayme Pignatello of Tiny Inker. Table and Chair rental from Luxe Event Rentals.

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