Get ready to happy-cry your heart out.
Credit: Alissa Haslam via YouTube

We know better than to press play on these videos while at work, but we just can't help ourselves! Call us saps, but there is nothing better than watching a rom-com worthy proposal to reassure you how much love is out there in the world. Grab some tissues, make sure you're wearing waterproof mascara, come up with you're best allergy excuse to your coworkers, and prepare to blubber all over those office memos while watching these amazing proposal videos we found on YouTube.

Jeff and Caitlin's Mural Proposal

Not only did this guy paint a mural on 2nd Street and Avenue A in NYC for his big surprise, he also captured the whole thing-from start to yes-in a time-lapse video!

Dean and Jennifer's Vacation Proposal

Jennifer's friends and family lead her to the beach under the assumption she was getting a birthday surprise from her boyfriend. But what she didn't know was that her boyfriend had planned his elaborate surprise for the last year. The part where we see Jennifer's father cry is where we had to pause the video just to breathe.

Josh and Kim' 20/20 Experience Proposal

Not only did they both meet Justin Timberlake (swoon), but also they got engaged in front of an entire venue in Louisville.

Sean and Ariana's Third Quarter Proposal

With the help of her teammates, Chicago Luvabull Ariana is proposed to by her boyfriend at the third quarter of a Bulls vs. the Miami Heat game. He even participated in the dance!

Ben and Michael's Comic Con Proposal

Ben forged a flash mob outside San Diego's Comic Con so that he could propose to his boyfriend at their favorite place! Bawling right now, everyone.

Jeanne and Alissa's Street Disturbance Proposal

After hearing a brass band playing outside her office, Alissa and her coworkers went to see what happening on the street. Oh you know, just her girlfriend Jeanne standing on a bus professing her love to her while all Alissa's friends and family watch. Casual.

Spencer and Dustin's Home Depot Proposal

Dustin thought he was just helping his roommate pick out some lighting fixtures-until he was surprised by a flash mob in the lumber aisle! The dance includes cameos from his best friends, family members, and of course a dancing (and crying) suited up Spencer.

Sam and Jess's Music Video Proposal

Jess just thought she and Sam were starring in a music video ... until the song stopped!

John and Catherine's Bonnaroo Proposal

It's Bonnaroo! Not unusual to randomly be given flowers by a ton of people, right? Watch Catherine's reaction when she turns around to find her boyfriend was behind her bouquet moment!


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