The Best Hairstyles for Brides Who Love a Middle Part

middle part hairstyles bride wearing gold and pearl crown
Stefanie Kapra

When you think about it, deciding where you'll part your hair on your wedding day is the first step in choosing your big-day look. Parts serve as the basis to just about any bridal hairstyle, whether you're wearing your locks down, half-up, or in a chic, sleek bun. Most brides—most women, actually—have a part preference for daily wear; this is where your hair separates naturally. But you don't have to go with your natural part on your wedding day. You can choose to deepen it towards one side or the other or go straight down the middle. If you're a woman planning a modern bridal beauty look, you should know that the latter style often connotes the contemporary—which might make it the perfect basis for your own wedding-day hairstyle.

If this sounds like the vibe you're going for, take a look through the following photos of brides who all chose looks with middle parts. They're proof that that the 'do works on virtually every hair type and texture. As for your options in terms of actual hairstyles? They're endless. From loose chignons and natural beach waves to ponytails and traditional chignons, there's no 'do that doesn't look good with a middle part.

The style is also the perfect base for for accessories. Ahead, you'll discover how to pair the part with all kinds of headpieces, like tiaras, flower crowns, and jeweled headbands, as seen on this bride, whose romantic style was created by Der Brautsalon. Click through to find out how to make the middle part hairstyle your own come your own wedding day.

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Statement Headpiece

middle part hairstyles bride wearing gold hair chain
Eden Strader Photography

A strategically-placed hair accessory can reinforce this contemporary part. We love how this bride's Rachel Zoe hair chain fit right into her middle part hairstyle—though the front-and-center statement gem was definitely the focal point.

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Sleek and Curly

middle part hairstyles bride with sleek updo holding red bouquet
Lilly Red Creative

Here's proof that a middle part hairstyle can be both sleek and romantic. Tania Tagle was responsible for this bride's look, which comprised of a slicked-down crown and curly bun.

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Flower Crown

middle part hairstyles bride wearing flower crown hugging groom
Anna Roussos

Looking for a way to add a fresh, lush touch to simple beach waves parted straight down the middle? Make like Frantzeska Koukoula, who elevated the simple style with a crown of greens and poppies.

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Modern Meets Victorian

middle part hairstyles bride with updo wearing victorian gown
Bryan from For the Love of It

When you have a contemporary wedding dress with Victorian elements, like puffed sleeves and a high collar, an old-meets-new hairstyle is a must. This 'do by Yuri Janice upgraded the classic wedding updo with two of-the-moment twists—a middle part and face-framing waves.

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Clean and Classic

bride with lower bun updo
Jacob and Pauline

It doesn't get more classic than this bride's perfect bun; her gauzy, draped veil softened the sleekness of the middle part style.

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Vintage Vibes

boho bride with twisted side-swept hairstyle
Savan Photography

We're getting major vintage vibes from this bride's twisted ponytail, which looks it was pulled straight out of a scene from Pride and Prejudice.

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Meghan K Sadler

Looking for a girlish, romantic style? You've found it in this flirty, middle-part updo by Amanda Gros.

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Up and Out of the Way

Bride portrait
Bryan from For the Love of It

Show off a flirty wedding dress back with an out-of-the-way chignon. This bride's look was created by Symmetry Beauty by Nyries, who allowed some of her hair to fall over her ears for a touch of romance.

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Modern Bun

modern wedding hairstyles
Sylvie Gil Photography

Though this bride's hairstyle, which was created by Ava Belle, also featured hair over the ears, it felt infinitely more modern. The reason? The tight, knotted bun.

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Crystal Headband

bride with high-neck dress and headband
Brklyn View Photography

We love how this bride matched the laser-cut shapes on her wedding dress to the crystals in her headband. The accessory was nestled above her small middle part, which then turned into a straight-back bouffant.

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Lots of Volume

Sawyer Baird

If you're lucky enough to have thick, natural curls like this beautiful bride, you know that a middle part is pretty all on its own—no accessory or updo needed.

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modern wedding hairstyles
Kelly Berry Photo

A middle part can look as dressed up or down as you like, as evidenced by this piece-y ponytail by MG Hair and Makeup.

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Easy Breezy

modern wedding hairstyles
Lauren Scotti Photography

Infuse the most bohemian of wedding day hairstyles—beach waves!—with modern vibes just by adding in a middle part (it all comes down to symmetry).

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middle part hairstyles bride smiling holding red and white bouquet
Clay Austin Photography

Not every middle part has to be razor sharp and straight. This bride's natural style by Paper Dolls was soft and ethereal—evidence that the part is just as perfect for brides-to-be with a more traditional big-day vision.

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Tumbling Waves

veronica mickias wedding bridal portrait
Lisa Poggi Photography

Here's a surefire way to bring major drama to your bridal beauty look. Yene Damtew created this bride's sleek, middle-parted crown, which was framed by voluminous waves that tumbled all the way down her back.

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bridal updos kayla rocca
Kayla Rocca Photography

A milkmaid braid instantly adds bohemian flair to a messy bun parted right down the middle. Justin Rousseau brought this style to life.

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Traditional Accessories

A middle part is best for showcasing a maang tikka—Indian bridal jewelry that adorns the forehead. Gabriel Mendoza of Bomane Salon, Beverly Hills took that into account when creating this beauty's chic updo.

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gloria zee wedding bride close up veil
Blush Wedding Photography

A veil as romantic as this lace iteration deserves a hairstyle to match. Carol Hung Makeup Artistry definitely delivered with this over-the-ear style.

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Golden Tiara

kae danny wedding bride with sister
Maria Lamb Photography

A middle part acts as the perfect frame for a tiara, like this bride's gold headpiece by Mignonne Handmade. Her hairstyle's tiny twists drew even more attention to the crown.

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Dramatic Curls

middle part hairstyles bride with curly hair with burgundy lip
Kindred Wedding Storytellers

Everything about this bride's beauty look, from her big and bold middle-parted curls to her deep burgundy lipstick, screams drama.

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