Once a fun new eating experience, food trucks have gone from being novelties to well-respected culinary destinations. From late-night personal pizzas to a fresh ice cream bar, we love using food trucks to add a non-traditional element to any event. From what to ask to what to serve, David Stark is delivering tips and tricks on everything you need to know when hiring a food truck for your wedding.

Don't know where to start? Luckily for all of us, food trucks are quickly growing in popularity all over the United States. Chances are there are some stellar food trucks in your city. A quick Google search will start you on your way. After you have your list of trucks comes the fun part-deciding what style of food you want to serve followed by the taste test. You wouldn't hire a caterer without nibbling their offerings, so it's the same with a food truck. Talk to the people in the truck and ask plenty of questions. Once you have your truck follow these five tips to make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.


If you know from the start you want a food truck, seek out venues that accommodate everything you need to make it happen. This will alleviate problems later on. If you want your truck inside, talk to the venue about the feasibility of fitting a truck through the doors, weight restrictions, and whether or not the truck can be driven directly on the flooring or if plywood would need to be laid down. Whether it's pulling up in an indoor space or along the grass outside, your venue will have its own rules and restrictions. Even if the food truck is the star, you'll still need a catering team for everything from cocktail hour to dessert. Plus, you'll need a catering or venue team to run the bar, offer passed hors d'oeuvres, and clear tables.


If your truck is going to be indoors, the most important question to ask is if the food truck runs on electric or propane. Electric is fine to use inside, but propane most certainly is not. This is something that is super easy to overlook, but can be a make or break situation on your big day.


When it comes to events both big and small, timing is everything. You don't want the truck arriving too late, but you also don't want them pulling out before everyone has been served. And although you may only plan to serve from the truck for a certain number of hours, it may be necessary to book the truck for an earlier time and later departure if the truck is located somewhere that's impossible to pull away from in the middle of your reception.


The little details can make a big impact at your affair. Make sure to ask about the staff's attire. Food truck workers' wardrobes can go from cute, clean uniforms to dirty jeans and tank tops. Next, inquire about the disposables they usually use to serve. Are their branded containers well made and attractive? Or are they flimsy, cheap and clash with the overall tone of your party? Ask to supply your own if you're not satisfied!


In a party atmosphere it likely wouldn't make sense to offer a truck's entire menu. Although it may seem best to serve up everything, this is going to seriously slow down service. Scale back to three or four amazing options that will both keep costs down and help the lines move fast. And like any other wedding meal, try to include options for everyone. Your vegetarian friend will appreciate a gourmet mac and cheese option at a soul food truck filled with pork, beef, and chicken. And make sure to work with your caterers for any additional food and drink needs. They can round out the food truck indulgences with healthy choices you may not usually find on a food truck.


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