Plus, how to avoid it on your own invites!
RSVP card mistake that went viral on Reddit
Credit: Reddit / moxin84

Mistakes happen while planning the wedding, which is why brides and grooms should approach the event with a sense of humor. Take this RSVP card, which just went viral on Reddit thanks to a teeny, tiny, typo: Under "Please initial your choice of entree," guests had the option of selecting beef, pork, or "child (12 and under)". Oops!

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Now, we don't think kids were actually on the menu at this celebration, but an unfortunate oversight understandably caused a little confusion. The Reddit user who noticed the mix-up took a photo and posted it with the caption, "I'll have the 10 year old, please, medium rare…"

To be fair, wording your invitations can be tricky, so pay special attention to the formatting: To avoid this situation, if you're serving a separate meal for kids, write "kid's meal" instead of "child". Or, simply leave off that option and reach out to your guests with children to ask if they'd prefer a kid's meal. Either way, ask a friend or professional to proofread all paper products prior to the big day. But if some slip-ups slip through, be prepared to laugh them off and carry on!

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