15 Tips for Hosting a Flawless Bridal Shower on the Beach

Beach Wedding Shower Neutral Details
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Plan an oceanfront pre-wedding party that the bride and her guests will love with the help of these expert-approved tips.

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beach wedding lounge
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Everyone loves a beachfront party: From the coastal color palettes and stunning ocean views and the overall festive atmosphere, there's a lot to get excited about when it comes to a celebration on the beach. That's why we love the idea of hosting your bridal shower on your favorite stretch of sand. Whether you're going for a more upscale vibe or an all-around relaxed, a seaside shower highlights the best parts of summer and is amenable to any vibe. But there are some considerations you need to make when you're planning to celebrate on the beach.

To help you plan a flawless beach bridal shower, we went straight to the experts—namely, wedding planners, florists, and photographers. With years of events under their belts, their sage advice covers everything from the seating cards to the dessert. One important tip most people overlook when planning a beachside shower? How the furniture will fare on the sand. One pro offered her best tips for selecting tables and chairs that won't sink down during the party. Another essential piece of advice? Timing the bridal shower so that the woman of the honor and her guests are arriving after most people have already left the beach. That way, the bride and her loved ones will have a little more privacy as they open gifts, play games, and catch up.

That's not all the advice the pros offered, though. Here, you'll find expert-approved décor tips, as well as advice on how to keep the bridal shower guests cool and comfortable on a hot day. Ready to start planning a beach bridal shower? Click through here for more genius advice that'll ensure you throw a picture-perfect pre-wedding party.

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Get Resourceful with Décor

Beach Wedding Shower Table Cards
Corbin Gurkin

"The beach breeze is real! Be sure to anchor any place cards and escort cards with an on-palette vessel. We love these crisp white sea urchin shells." —Lynn Easton, Founder, Easton Events

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Avoid Unnecessary Design Concepts

Beach Wedding Shower Unnecessary Design Concepts
Jacqui Cole Photography

"Linens tend to blow around like crazy on tables on the beach, so if possible, use wooden tables that don't even require linen, and you can avoid the wind altogether." —Tracie Domino, Founder and Creative Director, Tracie Domino Events

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Spotlight Enduring Essentials

Beach Wedding Shower Drinks
Rachel Havel Photography

"A cold beverage on a warm day is the perfect way to welcome your guests to the bridal shower. A signature drink will keep them hydrated and cool to start." —Virginia Edelson, Owner, Bluebird Productions

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Don't Shy Away From Formality

Beach Wedding Shower Formality
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"A beachside bridal shower does not have to mean beach towels and bonfires. Include all of the elements you would for a more formal setting—beautiful table, lovely chairs, perfect decor, and complete place settings!" —Leslie Liberis, Owner, Branch Design Studio

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Remember the Details

Beach Wedding Shower Resourceful Favors
Liz Banfield

"Everyone appreciates water in the summer months. Dress up your bottles with your wedding motif for added style points." —Liz Banfield, Owner and Lead Photographer, Liz Banfield

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Consider a Tent

Beach Wedding Shower Covered Space
The Hons

"Hosting your shower in a tent will give all the views and vibes of being at the beach without the sand and mess. It also allows your photographers more even lighting to work with, making sure that you look as flattering as possible!"—Jon and Brittani Hon, Founders, The Hons Photography

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Pair the Right Decorative Elements

Beach Wedding Shower Neutral Details
Francesca Penko Photography

"Soft linens and other light, flowy decorative details can be paired with native elements to create a relaxing and inviting environment that engages your surroundings."—Renee Steelman, Owner and Creative Director, Mariée Weddings

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Be Strategic About Start Time

Beach Wedding Shower Hosting Hour
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"Consider welcoming your guests to the bridal shower about an hour before sunset. That way, most beach-goers will already have left the area, and you'll enjoy a more intimate and private gathering. It will also make for great photos!" —Francie Dorman & Britt Cole, Co-founders, 42 North Weddings

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Forgo Flimsy Furniture

Beach Wedding Shower Furniture
Kurt Boomer Photography

"Choose sturdy furniture as sand needs some good legs to prevent things from sinking or becoming unsteady for guests. No one wants to sit on a chair that immediately sinks into the ground." —Anna Le Pley Taylor, Owner and Lead Designer, Anna Le Pley Taylor

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Keep Gifts Out of the Sun

wedding gift tables fondly forever photography
Fondly Forever Photography

"Make sure you have a place for gifts to be placed, so they aren't sitting in the blazing sun or sand, just in case the couple ends up returning something or exchanging for another color. Sandy boxes aren't as easy to return as those which are kept off the beach." —Jacin Fitzgerald, Owner, Jacin Fitzgerald Events

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Elevate Everyday Beach Activities

Beach Wedding Shower Elevated Beach Activities
Julie Skarratt

"Hiring a sand artist is a playful approach to incorporating the environment into your shower's design. Provide guests with buckets, shovels, and any necessary tools. This idea lends a creative way for the surrounding sand to become part of the design of the bridal shower." —Leslie Mastin, Owner, Leslie Mastin Events

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Bring in Hydration Stations

Beach Wedding Shower Drink Station
Courtesy of Hilton Los Cabos

"Keeping your guests hydrated is key at the beach. Fruit infused water is a perfectly elegant way to get in the H2O and replenish nutrients." —Stephanie Cole and Sarah Drake, Co-founders, Cole Drake Events

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Embrace Both Land and Sea

Beach Wedding Shower Land and Sea
Dave Robbins Photography

"Who said you have to stay out of the water? Bring a whole new level of energy to your bridal shower with unexpected activities like sailing, boogie boarding, and adorable inflatable floaters. A lighthearted day of fun on the beach is the perfect way to celebrate your engagement with your loved ones." —Jennifer Zabinski, Founder and President, Jennifer Zabinski Events

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Present Themed Favors

Beach Wedding Shower Themed Ideas
Sara Wight

"Consider favors for your guests that highlight your environment and tell the story of the couple. If they enjoy literature, a book about the sea would be very fitting and thoughtful." —Sara Wight, Owner/Lead Photographer, Sara Wight Photography

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Get Inspired by the Location

Beach Wedding Shower Cake Inspiration
Justin and Mary

"Source natural design elements that tie in your surroundings when finalizing your bridal shower. Use local shells and driftwood from the shoreline. Seagrass can also be a beautiful way to add texture and movement to your table." —Stacie Shea, Owner and Creative Director, Stacie Shea Events

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