Chocolates and red roses not required. (Unless that's your thing, of course!)
Credit: Dez and Tam

Valentine's Day is one of those polarizing holidays: You're either totally into it, or you're really not. No matter what your personal feelings on February 14th are, we can all agree that, at its essence, this holiday is about celebrating love and romance. There's no better time to do just that than when you're engaged. Whether you and your partner have been into the holiday in the past or not, celebrating your first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple is a milestone you don't want to miss. Here are four simple ways to embrace the spirit of the day in a meaningful way.

Vow to go one full day without discussing the wedding.

When you're engaged, planning your wedding is everything. There isn't a day that goes by when you're not thinking about some aspect of the big day, and you probably want to discuss it all with your fiancé. But every couple needs a break from the endless talk about wedding to-dos. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together without a peep about your upcoming nuptials. Everything will get done soon enough!

Announce the big news.

Whether you've been engaged for a few days or a few weeks (but have only told your closest family and friends), Valentine's Day is the perfect day to share the news of your engagement with your wider social circle. Everyone loves a happy love story, so why not share a little about yours? Pair one of your favorite photos of the two of you together with a sweet story-maybe about how you met, or how he proposed.

Schedule an engagement photo shoot.

Is there a better day to capture the love you two share than on a day that's all about celebrating just that? If your photographer can swing it, book an engagement photo session on the most romantic of days, then hit the town for a drink or dinner-you'll already be all gussied up!

Destress and decompress.

Wedding planning can be stressful, and there's no better excuse than Valentine's Day to schedule a little R&R. Consider taking a half day off at work and booking a couple's massage, hitting one of your favorite local trails, or heading to your favorite sunset spot for a few moments of togetherness bliss.


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