Can this please happen?

Fans have been shipping Zac Efron and Simone Biles ever since the Olympic gold medalist appeared on The Ellen Show and revealed she has a crush on the actor. Host Ellen DeGeneres gave the gymnast a leotard covered with Efron's face, in the hope that maybe he'd noticed.

And it worked! Efron, a huge Team USA supporter, tweeted the gymnast good luck wishes, igniting an adorable flirt-session.

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And now that the two have formally met-TODAY's Hoda Kotb organized a surprise introduction during the gymnast's appearance on the show-we're more hopeful than ever that a real romance will ensue. Especially since Biles posted on Twitter, "Just call me Mrs. Efron already," along with a photo of Efron sneaking a smooch during a Snapchat video-a move that had Biles blushing (and fake-fainting).

Then, the perfect person stepped up and offered to officiate the would-be wedding: None other than DeGeneres. "I'm ready to officiate the wedding," she tweeted. "Is next Thursday good for you?"

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The choice of officiant is only fitting, as she brought the "bride and groom" together in the first place. Though she may have to fight Kotb for it-the fellow TV host has officiating experience, after all. Either way, we're ready to send our official RSVP stat, and unsurprisingly, we're not alone: Followers have been replying to the tweet offering to help with various aspects of the day, like supervising the dessert table, while others are asking DeGeneres to officiate their own real weddings.

Whether or not next Thursday works out, one thing's for sure: Simone and Zac would make quite the cute couple. And we already know he'd be her biggest fan!

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