After watching the law professor teach, she knew he was the one.

By Hannah Nowack
October 02, 2019

While Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts and a current presidential candidate, is active on the 2020 presidential campaign trail, she generally keeps her personal life—and marriage—out of the spotlight. Until now, that is. In their first joint interview since embarking on a 2020 presidential bid, Warren and her husband, Bruce H. Mann, sat down with CNN at their home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to share details about the campaign—and what originally brought them together.

While their interview touched on a number of topics, one of the most memorable was the politician's recount of the the moments leading up to her proposal to her now-husband. Mann, a law professor, was teaching a class; Warren had decided to sit in and watch her then-boyfriend in his natural element. After the class ended, while Mann was tidying up, he asked her, "Well, what did you think?" Senator Warren's response was immediate: "Great, will you marry me?" And with an equally straightforward "yes," that was it—they were set to wed.

After sharing her adorable proposal story, Elizabeth Warren elaborated on what made her decide to pop the question in that moment. "That's it. I'm marrying this one," she recalled thinking to herself as Mann finished teaching. Another nugget of wisdom? "When you find a good one, grab them and hang on."

The couple used the rest of the interview to share how they prioritize each other and their relationship in the midst of the campaign trail, including spending time with their dog Bailey and taking long walks around a nearby pond. That is their idea of a "really good day," Warren told CNN. She went on to say that getting Bailey "probably made no sense at all," but now, they "can't imagine life without him." "And besides, there's really nothing better than a golden retriever puppy to create the illusion of normalcy," Mann said.


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