The reason will make your heart melt.
Michelle and Barack Obama Throwback

If Barack and Michelle Obama's relationship doesn't give you major #couplegoals, that's about to change. Probably one of the most adorable couples to ever grace the Oval Office, the pair has been spotted sharing so many sweet moments in the last eight years. But recently, it was noted that the president doesn't always wear his wedding ring. Don't worry: The reason is actually pretty understandable.

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It seems that Barack doesn't wear his wedding band because he wants to keep it safe so it will never be lost. As the President of the United States, he's constantly meeting people and shaking hands. In this video captured by The Washington Post, Barack is seen taking his wedding band off and slipping it into his pocket before shaking hands with the public. Sorry, Secret Service agents, the POTUS doesn't trust you enough to keep his most precious possession safe. Michelle would be so proud!

The First Couple just celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. On Tuesday, when asked about his post-presidency plans at an ESPN event at North Carolina A&T University, Barack said, "I am going to sleep for two weeks and then I am going to take Michelle on a very nice vacation."

We hope they can finally relax and enjoy-and that Obama's ring can stay put, for good.

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