No, they're not the same thing.
escort cards

For those who've never planned a formal, seated dinner, getting everyone seated can be time consuming and chaotic without the right tricks of the trade in place. Escort cards and seating charts do the job of letting guests know what table they'll be sitting at for the evening, while assigned seats at the table are typically designated by place cards. Ahead, reasons why you should consider both.

They help guests find their seat quickly.

Escort cards and seating charts are meant to provide guests with a very simple map of the seating setup so they can quickly make their way to their assigned table and take a seat. If you'd like to assign seats at the tables, it's necessary to have both escort cards and place cards so guests understand exactly where they're meant to go.

Assigned seating is easier for guests.

The debate over whether to assign seats at a table is often left up to personal preference, but place cards really do make seating easier for guests. When seats are assigned, there's no awkward dance to find a spot and you're sure to keep guests from skipping chairs and accidentally splitting up couples or ending up with empty seats.

Assigned seating is easier for catering.

If you're planning to ask guests their menu selections in advance of the wedding, it's significantly easier for catering to identify entrée choices and guests with allergies when seating is assigned. The catering team is also able to deal quickly with any no-shows or incorrect seating arrangement issues when they know which guests belong at each table.

Assigning seating is like playing matchmaker.

Assigned seating allows you to introduce friends and family to other guests you think they'd get along nicely with. Since you'll be running around playing host all night, you may not have a chance to personally give introductions, but by assigning seats at the table, you can ensure that solo guests or guests without a ton of friends at the wedding can mingle with guests they may mesh well with.


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